Can You Still See What You First Saw in Me?

It saddens me to hear that the Fall of Troy has decided to call it quits.  Although the latter half of the trio’s career didn’t produce any really good albums (with the exception of the final version of the Ghostship demos, Phantom on the Horizon), the band had released what for me were some hardcore classics when I was a young lad back in high school.  Their self-titled debut introduced me to the spastic, calculated side of hardcore music, showing me that even loud, catastrophic music can be reined in using unconventional song structures and intricate, original guitarwork.  Doppelganger did the same thing, although under the guise of better production.  From then on out things began to go downhill; Manipulator and In the Unlikely Event just didn’t impress me the way their earlier work did.  However, the band still killed it with their live shows.  My only complaint is that they never played my favorite song of theirs, “What Sound Does a Mastodon Make?”, when I saw them.  That song’s the reason I got into them and perhaps a significant influence on what I listen to today.  It feels good to post this kind of music again, but sadly it must be at the expense of the band’s demise.  RIP guys.

MP3: The Fall of Troy – “What Sound Does a Mastodon Make?”



2 Responses to Can You Still See What You First Saw in Me?

  1. wait did they really break up they still have a ton of shows set or are these final ones the last?

  2. Adrian says:

    They said this tour that they’re on is their last, so now’s your last chance to see them.

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