Do You Believe in Hallucinations?

I spoke too soon when I said that there weren’t any single-worthy songs on Angels and Airwaves’ Love.  It took the music video for “Hallucinations” to show me that.  It’s nothing more than a collection of performance shots and clips of the guys standing around, but the production gives it a alluring, cinematic quality that keeps you watching.  I hope that this spells good things for the film the band plans to release later this year to accompany the album.  The song itself is filled with the atmospheric build-ups and catchy rock chorus you’ll find in much of AVA’s work, although Atom Willard’s drumwork during the outro gives “Hallucinations” a nice unexpected flair.  I have the feeling I’ll keep finding more reasons to like this album.

MP3: Angels and Airwaves – “Hallucinations”

Don’t forget that you can download Love for free from the band’s website.



One Response to Do You Believe in Hallucinations?

  1. Peanut says:

    Do you bulleeyve in hullewsinaeychuns? (as Tom would sing…)

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