It’s So Sexy, to Be Living in America

Leave it up to my brah Derek at Neon Gold to find the bronzed, crystallized mega-jam of the summer all the way back in April. The Massachusetts-based Dom is set to take the world, or at least nerdy blog readers, by storm, with “Living in America,” a song that makes me feel prouder to be an American than eating apple pie or going to a water park does, which is saying something. Anyway, the trio’s Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP drops very soon, so pre-order yourself a copy here.

MP3: Dom – “Living in America”

And just for good measure, check the incomparable Hood Internet remix, featuring everyone’s favorite auto-tuner, T-Pain.

MP3: The Hood Internet – “Cowgirls in America (T-Pain vs. Dom)”



2 Responses to It’s So Sexy, to Be Living in America

  1. I have frequented your port before. The more I take in, the more I keep coming back! 😉

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