Oh. My. God. New Sebastien Tellier gets me all excited inside. The release of the Sexual Sportswear single (which featured SebastiAn’s criminally underrated remix) whetted my appetite for more Tellier, and, naturally, he fulfilled my desires, giving me the awesomeness that is “Divine” which, by the way, is produced by none other than Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo. The three minute masterpiece is described by Tellier as a tribute to the Beach Boys, and to a “time of innocence – when having fun was more important than picking up girls”. Now I don’t know if that time ever existed, but if it did, this song would be on repeat. It’s like an electronically groovy Beach Boys single. Ok, this is entire post has creepy sexual overtones. Just enjoy the song, and get aroused for Sexuality, which drops in Febtober.

STREAM: Sebastien Tellier – “Divine”


5 Responses to NEW SEBASTIEN TELLIER!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

  1. RamJaw says:

    Oh my god. That track is completely sick! Wow. I can’t wait.

  2. Michael says:

    where’s the download link? forcing me to work so hard and go to hypem…

  3. Lindzy says:

    Happy Birthday Jack!

  4. Lindzy says:


  5. eilema says:

    this song is AMAZING i listened to it on my flight back to school! i hated going back to school but I LOVED THIS SONG!!!!!

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