Shinichi Osawa and Au Revoir Simone Do Chemical Brothers


My main squeeze Mickey discovered this song, and introduced me to it a few nights back. acid-house-trance producer Shinichi Osawa recruits the lovely ladies from Au Revoir Simone to remodel The Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar”, adding vocals, new synths, and a slightly modified melody, featuring more rock instruments and snares. I haven’t given Mickey enough love for the music he’s introduced me to (including “Collide you a Drank” and VNDLSM’s “Umbrella” remix) so thanks Mickey. Anyway, check out the song and video below, which is very Seven Nation Army-esque, but pales in comparison to the unbelievable original video for “Star Guitar”, directed by none other than Michel Gondry (note that different patterns emerge on and behind the train as new instruments are introduced).

MP3: Shinichi Osawa ft. Au Revoir Simone – “Star Guitar (The Chemical Brothers Cover)” [alt. link]


4 Responses to Shinichi Osawa and Au Revoir Simone Do Chemical Brothers

  1. Nicky says:

    on the umbrealla remix, when it hits on 2:18 (as you said in your first post on it) is truly rediculous. literally gives me the chills everytime

  2. c.bear says:


  3. c.bear says:

    literally ever

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