NEW Kanye West – Young Folks


UPDATE 2: The links have been updated, so cop the songs.

UPDATE: So apparently people either loved or hated “Young Folks”. Maybe you guys would like his collabo with ATG-favorite Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell on the very same mixtape, under the alias CRS, or Child Rebel Soldiers. Kanye spends more time behind the boards on this one (something many of you so eloquently recommended in the comments), sampling Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser”. Lupe steals the show, and props to Chris from GvB for getting this up before me.

MP3: CRS (Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, & Pharrell) – “Us Placers”

Kanye West collaborated with Maroon 5, called Franz Ferdinand “white crunk” and remixed Fall Out Boy. Even after all that, who would’ve guessed that he’d start sampling Peter Bjorn & John and Daft Punk? Well guess what; on his new Mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, named after the newest single from his newest effort, Graduation, ‘Ye does just that, borrowing the beats from PB&J’s “Young Folks” and Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. I just checked hype machine, and these songs haven’t been posted anywhere yet, so consider this an ATG exclusive. God Bless Mr. West.

MP3: Kanye West – “Young Folks” [alt. link]
MP3: Kanye West – “Stronger (Snippet)” [alt. link]



65 Responses to NEW Kanye West – Young Folks

  1. Joseph says:



  2. Osma Bin Bakr says:

    kayne is pure wack
    stick to producing , you are killing yo mama’s ears

  3. Louis says:

    Why did he do that to Daft Punk???

    Absolutely awful song.

  4. […] NEW Kanye West – Young Folks [image] Kanye West collaborated with Maroon 5, called Franz Ferdinand “white crunk” and remixed Fall Out […] […]

  5. butter team says:

    Thanks for the samples. This Daft shit is unbearable. Can’t believe they agreed to let him mess up a great song. I dropped on these on my site and gave you guys a nod. Just found ATG today, pretty strong and will check back!

    – Butter Team from Baltimore

  6. alli says:

    the peter bjorn and john is great. dont like the daft punk as much….thanks!

  7. Chelsea says:

    I love “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John – it’s an amazing song!

  8. not a fan of the kanye, not at all.

  9. Bobby Daz says:

    Kanye West is the most un talented musician of this era!
    Whilst he does serve only to make others look good. Im annoyed that he simply canot come up with any original works of his own and has to borrow decent tunes, that he rebrands as his own, to attempt to sound half decent. Wake up to your self Kayne! Make some original music for once you un creative, cry baby. Go spend another million on a silly music video and have a tear when it doesnt win anything! Your music is simply making a mockery of the music industry these days!

    Your time is up Kanye, move on, our ears are sore!

  10. mtwy says:

    you guys are caked out. your blog is ballin’

  11. Zack says:

    the thing is, hate it or love it, the beats he samples sound awesome. almost EVERY hip-hop song today is a sample of another, and i think that that isnt necessarily a bad thing. take it with a grain of salt and an open mind, and i’m sure youll find it hard not to enjoy songs like “gone” and “drive slow”.

  12. elton says:

    this is the shit, thanks

  13. Brent says:

    Babbage –absolute garbage.

    Kanye West is either a fake gangsta or a fake Christian. Perhaps both, but it is impossible to be a Christian gangsta. Anyone who talks about pimpin’ hoes, and Jesus in the same song, is obviously a poser.

  14. Thanks for the post but that is by far the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever heard. West needs to stay behind the boards if he’s going to continue dumping this kind of garbage on us.

  15. alquiler says:

    A big piece of shit… really awful

  16. mysonabsalom says:

    Jumped the shark.

  17. Dan says:

    Kanye does PB&J a great disservice by giving the weakest effort ever in that song. Rhyming “no idea” with “no idea” was brilliant… stick to producing your own shit and stay away from the swedish indie pop

  18. thenicholasm says:

    worse than right said fred, worse than sisqo, kanye is the new hitler. thanks for the exclusive zack FRIENDLESS. jk all the way!

  19. kiran says:


  20. DIE HARD says:

    lol kanye opened a can of worms on this on but i trust he will bounce back and come wit som bigger through graduation!

  21. J says:

    Awful, god Kanye is wack, not as wack as the G Unit but still VERY wack, this garbage hurts my ears.

  22. Louis says:

    that is by far some of the worst shit i’ve ever heard

  23. Dart_Adams says:

    I take it NONE of you genius’ are familiar with the concept of rhyming over damn near ANY and everything on your promotional mixtapes, huh? These songs are NOT “real”. They are merely tracks off of his promo mixtape you geniuses. Since when did Kanye ever take such a lazy approach to producing when it came to album tracks? Use your context clues for one! Masta Ace once rhymed over the Simpson’s theme song and Smif N’ Wessun spit over the Super Mario Bros. beat on a mixtape track before…I know none of you think these two joints are making it on the album. Didn’t y’all hear the first two Kanye joints? Damn, y’all are slow! One.

  24. Zack says:

    i dont know about the yall are slow part, but dart is right. promo mixtapes like this arent meant to be refined, beautifully crafted songs. this mixtape was created 2 days ago, and probably took little effort. i just find it interesting that kanye is branching out and using songs that one would NEVER associate with hip hop.

  25. Busterfreak says:

    Absolute horse-crap. Worse than horse-crap. Horse-crap maggot waste.

    What an unlistenable hack.

  26. Ed says:

    Interesting, rather than brilliant, but I’m glad you posted this. Cheers!

    Ed, 17 Seconds

  27. Johnny V says:

    Goddamn. Absolutely absolutely terrible. What happened to actually ***DOING SOMETHING*** with samples? C’mon Kayne. Step it up.

  28. mr.duha says:


    good work man
    and welcom to my site

  29. […] NEW Kanye West – Young Folks [image] UPDATE: So apparently people either loved or hated “Young Folks”. Maybe you guys would like his […] […]

  30. Melissa says:

    Kanye killed Young Folks.
    I’ll no longer listen to the original version of Young Folks by PB&J with the same love ever again.
    DAMN YOU KANYE! -extreme internal hatred-
    I’m ashamed I even listened to it… curse my curiosity.

  31. Kat says:

    ???? what was that.
    i loved young folks. not that crap.

  32. angelashella says:

    Kanye West displays great talent. Some people do not appreciate his artistic approach.

  33. aniche says:

    at times i dont get kanye.he seems discordant.

    Chek out my blog to know what went down at the Michael Jackson Auction, the american idol finale and stuff like that.Well, my versions of what went down.

  34. Laughs@Every1 says:

    Ha…u can tell by da context of most of dez comments dat most of u people r middle class to high class suburban children with comfortable homes and non-eventful lives and da only reason u listened to these tracks is becuz u saw artista dat u njoy bein sampled and figured Kanye would jus recycle the Daft Punk and attempt 2 rap over it….u implusive retards…i jus thought i’d throw dat in dere

    I realli liked da “Stronger” snippet because it was innovative…it was different from da basic 50 Cent & Dip Set “shoot ’em up, bang bang” bullshyt dat flood da airwaves..for some1 datz in the “ghetto”, it got me amped and made me bop my head 2 it and YES, i have heard the original track BEFORE i heard dis track….i don’t wreak of ignorance children…and Young Folks was ok…wasn’t realli in2 it but Kanye definitely did his thing…but wow, intense hatred on dis website…neva coming back here again unless Tim McGraw does a street remix with Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Sarah Maclachan (spch?) LMAO ~2~

  35. betterperspective says:

    Seriously, the Kanye music hate that spawned from his extra-musical activities is crazy. The song sounds great overall and at the very worst it sounds okay. The lyrics aren’t that great but they definitely aren’t that bad compared to other shit that’s out. Plus Kanye’s charismatic flow half makes up for whatever he says. Anyone saying less than that either has no rhythm or is a douche for being such a hater.

    If Kanye put it over a different beat and Ratatat remixed it to this version the pretentious haters would be all over it.

    I agree with the post above. Y’all sound like pretentious bourgeois.

  36. alisbasement says:

    Great blog, I love the new Kanye mixtape, I’m calling it right now … “Stronger” will be the song of the summer. It’s great to see another blog reppin’ DC, go Wizards & ‘Skins!

  37. dra33 says:

    People will always have a problem with people, period. Kanye cannot get everyone to like him or the music that he does, so why try. I always say that it is a matter of opinion. I personally like the songs, the samples, and the direction. For those who do not, your right and more power to you. Enjoy whatever it is that you listen to. As for me, I will continue listening to this for the simple fact that I enjoy it. And for the guys and girls who call people stupid for liking something just because they don’t, I will not lose any sleep over it. Music is entertainment, and these songs entertain me. I also like the original version of the song. And if Kanye was given the approval, what is the problem? Well, I guess we all like what we like.

  38. Thinks Before He Speaks says:

    Listening to these songs, all I have to say is this.

    All he did was slow daft punks song down and throw some drumbs on it, so I dunno what there is to complain about there. And for young folks if any of you really listened to the words, he wasnt rapping to his full potential. All he was doing was making a song that was making fun of the way the media has acted towards him.

    Everyone is entitled to their likes and opinions, but to all of you haters who called stronger garbage and who said he killed Young Folks or said that he needs to stop rapping and stick to producing obviously have “No Idea” as he says.

  39. schultze says:

    i totally agree with “thinks before he sepaks” but i call using so much of a sample stealing.

  40. miguel says:

    all I read is “hipster whining, bullshit bullshit bullshit”.

    sure, dude’s an asshole. sure, dude is ridiculous.

    but if you’re telling me stronger doesn’t sound good when it hits your ears… you know, before the hipster acceptance filter sets in… you’re full of it.

  41. […] It seems odd that their music feels as timely as the other artists sampled by Kanye West on his new mixtape, Thom Yorke, and the omnipresent Peter, Bjorn and John. And it definitely seems odd that it has […]

  42. Pro-Dus-her says:

    Stronger is a very good song, dont know what the hell you ppl are talking about if you were his shoes you would love the fam has he is!! He takes it or leaves it hes making it to the top something that not much ppl can do.

  43. ben says:

    you people are retarded.

    both of these songs are fucking awesome.

  44. cubbie_luv says:

    this is a good ass song keep them coming kanye

  45. MrHayezBxRep says:

    Yo, believe it or not, if you listened to him he already has your attention. Kanye is beyond talented and his lyrics, yes, they do come second to the first in line beats. Stonger is an instant classic, and they joint with him, lupe and pharrell is something of pure imagination.

  46. Mike says:

    You guys are all haters……. “young folks” is fckin tite …stop hatin…name an artist better?

  47. Zach says:

    all the tracks off the mixtape are fuckin sick as hell, so to anyone who said kanye didnt do it right or whatever, go cry some more because he IS one of the most talented artists out there

  48. bryan says:

    both of these tracks are hot.

    i think “stronger” might become my favorite kanye song. goddamn.

    kanye is good people. i don’t care what anyone says.

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  50. Hansen says:

    The songs are great. Stronger is amazing i can’t believe you guys are hating on it. Plus Daft will probably make more money with kanye sampling the song than they did on their own.

  51. iysis says:

    … that mixtape is fya his style his aim his achievments are great and he carries on to further it he is a great atribute to hip hop and now pop culture .. ppl are entitled to opinions but until u can achieve as much as he has sit the f**k down .. i dont get u ppl u contribute to getting a artist to decent heights and you then want to bring them right down im quite disgusted with some of these comments pure hate .. no need just keep it moving if u dont like it dont think its takes any skin of ol boys nose he has enough followers psst …

  52. LBClovebaby says:

    Im pretty sure stronger is now my favorite song of all time.

  53. john says:

    can someone please repost the mixtape?

  54. Approach any Woman Anywhere

    Approach any Woman Anywhere

  55. lupe says:

    Daft punk literally took Cola Bottle and put a robot voice over it. Kanye sampled it. I figure kanye’s version is much better and more ORIGINAL. Little punks on here don’t know anything.

  56. lupe says: – Original sample Daft Punk Took.

  57. Jazz says:

    How is everybody hatin on Kanye? Take a step back and listen to what the man says and try to appriciate great music. Not good, Great. Some of yall out there sound like Beanie Segal and shit, with nothin better to do then hate when you see a brotha on top.

  58. chels says:


  59. […] Kanye’s pseudo-cover of PB&J’s “Young Folks” can be heard on All Things Go. […]

  60. Rick says:

    You guys crack me up with your distaste for sampling. For crying out loud you are Replying on a Message Board at
    If not for sampling at [every turn] in every business arena we would undoubtedly be paying per post. Millions of sites simply piggy back (for free) on technology of which they had no part in developing. Yet you complain about an Artist doing just that; and the Artist has to pay for the sample. You guys are simple.

  61. brickhouse says:

    why is it everytime something new comes out people just except it as good music? whatever happen to the pure form of hip hop? people need to keep shit in categoriy. what i heard of kanye was some straight technodronic shit haha. people need to stop misusing the word hate to. just because someone is not feeling that bullshit approach when someone is trying to fuck up the game even more you call them hater. go suck something and go listen to something with soul. i know my hip hop and that kanye song i heard had to have been some of the worse shit i ever heard. up there with rockstar ahahha. come on man. some shit is just over the line. even when i tried listening to kanye’s new shit i couldn’t. it was murder to my ears and sad. how could you say you were inspired by rza shit from the wu-tang making songs like that? thats and insult to rza i think. i don’t hate on no one. i have my opinions. i just think some shit is being credited for hip hop when it’s not. thats what fucks up. if kanye were considered a pop artist it would be different. if that shit sounded like hip hop to ya ears then you need a fucking brain check up or something. pure ass cheeks. everything new that come out ya lovin. doesn’t matter what the fuck it is. so simple minded nowdays.

  62. butterfly says:

    very nice .

  63. Patty says:

    Fucking love ‘Ey’s do-up of YOung Folks…

    Can’t find it anywhere thiough.. And the download link on here isn’t working..

    Would you send me the file? ta.

    love patty.

  64. Kanye West is da man. a true playa.

  65. Stephen says:

    wow its fucking amazing to come on here and read people knocking the daft punk kanye song when it became one of the biggest hits of the year. bet there was a lot of tongue biting after the album dropped. LULZ nonetheless.

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