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I apologize for skipping the past week, I know y’all needed your weekly fix, but just like every college student in America, finals worked me over like an un-neutered Rottweiler on a French Poodle. But here we go with one of my favorites, Lupe Fiasco, and his Chi-Town Guevara Mixtape, with help from DJ Envy. This CD was actually a gift from Lupe’s official site if you pre-ordered Food & Liquor (Lupe’s 2006 full-length), but now I’m presenting you with this “Toy in a Cereal Box” mixtape as a must listen.


What makes “Outty 5000” my favorite hit on the mixtape is because it does what every good song does, and that is creating a flow that meshes perfectly with the beat, just like Jordan and Pippen (or Gilbert and Caron, what up Friendly). Lupe Fiasco takes the instrumentals from Nas’ “Get Down” and smoothly raps about being the “young boy from the Lambda Lambdas”. The only problem is that the song is too short; I wish he would last longer (That’s what she said…sorry, I had to).

If someone could shout out Dr. Phil in a song legitimately, it would Lupe, and he does in my second favorite song, “Switch”. “Switch” features Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin” instrumental, but that’s not the thing that makes this song a work of art. Lupe raps in a bipolar style, where one style is talking about money, cars, and the women (the rap that he despises), and then he says “Switch”, moving to a more intellectual style; the style that put him on the map. It is by far one of the most creative songs I have ever heard, props to Lupe.

There is only one problem I have with this mixtape, as well as any other mixtapes like this: The DJ needs to shut up. I don’t want to hear “DJ ENVY CHI-TOWN GUEVARA MIXTAPE” in the middle of the song, interrupting the flow. It’s like if I was at the musical “Cats” (which I would never be at) and suddenly DJ Clue comes out of now where going, “DJ CLUE! THIS SHIT IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW! CAT LITTER!” (or something ridiculous like that).

Other songs to check out: “Twilight Zone” (Nas’ Thief Theme Instumental),”Mean and Vicious”, and “Just Might be OK”.

MP3: Lupe Fiasco – “Outty 5000”
MP3: Lupe Fiasco – “Switch”

Lupe Fiasco // Official Website // Buy Chi-Town Guevara Mixtape // Buy Food & Liquor

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8 Responses to Mixtape Mondays (Saturdays) with Tim – Chi-Town Guevara Mixtape

  1. ekko says:

    I’m with you on the DJ shout outs. I’ve never understood why that’s supposed to be a cool thing, to shout into an overmodulated mike over the music. Gotta admire Joe Buddens, who rleased his fantastic Mood Music series both with and without the DJ.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    I just had to say the cat litter part made me laugh 😉

  3. travaris says:

    yo quit talkin’ stupid

  4. Zack says:

    what do you mean travaris?

  5. tim says:

    travaris i had enough of your shinanigans.

  6. lupe stan yeh thats right says:


  7. Abe says:


  8. travaris says:

    ay yo ima forsurely rip ya net column too

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