We were able to spend some time with the Aussie dudes of Miami Horror recently. We chatted about politics, strippers, religion and touring the world. We picked their brains about all things music and the guys put together a nice little mixtape for us. Daniel Whitechurch of Miami Horror provided us with the following songs and reflections on each choice. You can download each MP3 separately or as the ATG Miami Horror Mixtape at the end of the post.

MP3: Pink Floyd – “The Great Gig in the Sky”
Such a beautiful piece of music from one of the greatest albums. The piano composition alone is stunning in its own right but the inclusion of the slide guitar perfectly compliments Richard Wright’s piano playing and adds an eerie layer that prepares you for the haunting howls of Clare Torry that transforms the song into an ominous sound scape of despair. Beautiful.

MP3: Cornelius – “Drop”
Cornelius have a very unconventional way of approaching and writing songs. Their arrangement of instruments and sounds were so unique to me at the time I first heard Drop that the band completely changed the way I think about structure and the timbre in music. They are also the best live act I have ever seen!

MP3: LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great”
James Murphy the mastermind behind LCD has taken all the great elements of disco and pushed them to a completely new level. The Sound Of Silver album is definitely one of the best of the last decade and Someone Great is one of the best. And James Murphy is such a great performer, his voice is incredible live! So dynamic.

MP3: Electric Light Orchestra – “Last Train to London”
ELO leader Jeff Lynne is an absolute genius! Definitely one of the greatest songwriters/producers/composers of the 20th century. It’s hard to compare him to any other writer today that is as prolific as him. Last Train to London has such a great groove and is one of his best.

MP3: Erik Satie – “Gymnopedie no. 1 (Millionyoung Remix)”
His [Erik Satie’s] compositions are so strange and bizarre, so abrupt, full of tension and surprise. The man was a good friend of Picasso so he must be cool.

.ZIP: ATG Miami Horror Mixtape [sendspace]



  1. Agreed, LCD is one of the albums of the decade.

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  3. finestcreativity says:

    Great LCD Soundsystem song!

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