September 15, 2010

Guest writer Chris Rowe posted Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ anthemic doozy “Home” almost a year ago, and I followed up a few months back with the beautifully simplistic RAC remix (which also appeared on the Goodbye Summer Mixtape). At this point, you’d expect we’d move on to either another track off of the band’s wonderful album Up From Below, or maybe move on to another band.

You expected wrong, idiot. Nope. Instead, I give you the Party Supplies remix of “Home,” packaged perfectly for DJs looking to mix a little folkiness into their setlists. Complete with the whistles and everything, the Party Supplies remix pretty much nails it.

MP3: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – “Home (Party Supplies Remix)”



September 8, 2010

It’s been a while since I delivered a mixtape to you loyal readers. The first edition of the Workout mix debuted way back in early June with the second half due out mere weeks after, but despite having the mixtape prepped and ready to go for y’all, I’ve basically been a lazy writer. For those of your waiting to get your sweat on, hold out a few weeks longer, and your wish will be granted. For those of you, however, looking to cling to that last little bit of Summer, look no further than the Goodbye Summer Mixtape. My 15 song opus features the usual suspects from the likes of Yeasayer, The Temper Trap, and Belle & Sebastian, but also features some newcomers (CSLSX, Oberhofer) and some dynamic remixes from relative unknowns like George Raquet and Big City Love Affair. As usual, the tracks are available individually and as a .zip file below. We like to make it easy for you.

Cling on to that last little glimmer of Summer. The days get shorter from here on out.

.ZIP: All Things Go Goodbye Summer Mixtape [sendspace]

01) MP3: Oberhofer – “o0O0o0O0o”
02) MP3: Here We Go Magic – “Collector”
03) MP3: The xx – “Shelter (John Talabot’s Feel It Too Remix)”
04) MP3: Coeur de Pirate – “Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Remix)”
05) MP3: Air – “So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix)”
06) MP3: A.C. Newman – “Drink to Me, Babe, Then”
07) MP3: Ra Ra Riot – “Massachusetts”
08) MP3: The Temper Trap – “Soldier On (Big City Love Affair Remix)”
09) MP3: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – “Home (RAC Mix)”
10) MP3: William Fitzsimmons – “I Don’t Feel it Anymore (George Raquet Remix)”
11) MP3: Belle & Sebastian – “Electronic Renaissance”
12) MP3: Yeasayer – “I Remember”
13) MP3: CSLSX – “Futuretapes”
14) MP3: Royksopp – “What Else Is There? (Thin White Duke Remix)”
15) MP3: Fred Falke – “8:08 PM @ The Beach”



September 1, 2010

Matt & Kim are at it again folks, and we’re all in for a treat. The Brooklyn duo are pretty universally well-loved for their uniquely catchy anthemic pop music, from “Daylight” to “Yeah Yeah” to, well, just about anything they’ve ever made. Their newest single, “Cameras,” fits right in with the rest. Quirky, danceable, and, as always, immensely fun, the new song is just what we’ve come to expect from the band without sounding like they aren’t trying. They’re trying, and it sounds pretty damn awesome.

MP3: Matt & Kim – “Cameras”



August 30, 2010

Put me into the category of people who had become a bit bored with the same drab, predictable plot lines in Entourage. Eric has nothing going on that’s worth putting on film, Johnny is borderline annoying, and Turtle couldn’t begin to dream about sleeping with this. One thing the show always had going for it, though, was its taste in music. The producers always seem to be on the cutting edge with solid music placement, from blasting Gnarls Barkley’s “Gone Daddy Gone” on the way to Vegas to M.I.A.’s “Space” as Vince skydives for the first time). Last night’s episode, which was tension-filled as usual, ended with a song that instantly struck me as familiar. I hopped on the series of tubes and found out that the song was put together by none other than Nas and Damian Marley, entitled “Patience.” The song, off the duo’s new collaboration Distant Relatives, is halfway decent, but the sample is what really caught my ear. I knew, again, that I had heard it before. Back to the tubes I went, and discovered that it was “Sabali,” the gorgeous song from Amadou & Mariam. Still, that didn’t satisfy my thirst. I scoured my iTunes for about twenty minutes before it finally clicked. THEO. LONDON. GREY. X. SAGE.

It was like an orgasm except this time the girl didn’t laugh and ask if that was it it was in song form. Enjoy both the Nas/Damian version, as well as Theo’s retake.

MP3: Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – “Patience”
MP3: Theophilus London – “GREY X SAGE”



August 27, 2010

Primary 1 is the musical moniker of Joe Flory, a London-based producer of some fantastic original synthpop, as well as a fair share of quality remixes. He’s collaborated with Nina Persson (of The Cardigans fame) on “The Blues,” which we featured on our latest Cannabliss Mix. I’ve had this gem of a song, “Princess,” sitting in my music library for months, begging to be heard. I finally went back and had a few listens, and realize that I should’ve posted this way back when I got it. So here’s my consolation, y’all can have it now. Check out the patently odd video above.

MP3: Primary 1 – “Princess”



August 24, 2010

I posted about Gold Panda a while back when he released “You,” a blissed-out instrumental jam, and since that time I’ve been anxiously waiting to see which direction the UK producer would go in next. It’s clear that with “Snow & Taxis,” the first single off their debut LP Lucky Shiner, that direction is up. Like, way up. Nothing too complicated here, just a genuinely well-crafted instrumental track with a catchy drum pattern, warm synths, and some nice chimes that tie the song up in a nice little bow. Unwrap it for yourself.

MP3: Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis”

I’m aware that was incredibly cheesy of me. Sorry I’m not sorry.



August 22, 2010

“Idioteque” is hands down my favorite Radiohead song, and as cliched as you may call me for choosing it, you can’t deny the originality of the instrumentation and the absolutely haunting feel of both Thom Yorke’s vocals and the droning synths. I bring all of this up not to post some new Radiohead (which would cause serious site traffic, so maybe i should), but rather to introduce Amanda Palmer, a lovely young lady of The Dresden Dolls fame who has taken up the task of covering a bunch of Radiohead tracks on her magical ukelele. Her newest album, entitled Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukelele (original huh?), is alllmooosttt as unique as the songs in the first place, and she somehow finds a way to balance the creepiness of Radiohead with the musicianship of Zach Condon. Check out her reworking of “Idioteque” and pick up her EP for the staggeringly low price of 84 cents here.

MP3: Amanda Palmer – “Idioteque”


August 21, 2010

MSTRKRFT is awesome. We all know this. This isn’t news. They are the only group that can really get away with removing the vowels (which became a huge indie trend) since, you know, it looks fucking awesome. They also dropped a song about a year ago called “Heartbreaker” which you’ve clearly heard before.

In case you don’t dig too deep into dirty remixes, I have done the work for you, delivering downright grimy remixes from two of the house scene’s biggest names right now; Laidback Luke and Wolfgang Gartner. Oh, you say that’s not enough for you? Well how about the CJ Milli remix which mashes up the crooning of John Legend with my boyfriend some guy called Justin Bieber who you may have read about somewhere. Yeah, MSTRKRFT makes Justin Bieber tolerable. Just sayin’.

MP3: MSTRKRFT – “Heartbreaker (ft. John Legend [Laidback Luke Remix])”
MP3: MSTRKRFT – “Heartbreaker (ft. John Legend [Wolfgang Gartner Remix])”
MP3: MSTRKRFT vs. Justin Bieber – “Heartbreaker Baby (CJ Milli Mix)”



August 20, 2010

I worship everything even remotely related to Ra Ra Riot, so when the RAC remix of their flawless first single “Boy,” popped into my inbox this morning, I wasted no time in pumping this post out. The Remix Artist Collective has the musical Midas touch, and their retake on the chillingly beautiful “Boy” compares favorably with their other remix of the band’s old single “Manner to Act.” Just go listen, nerds.

MP3: Ra Ra Riot – “Boy (RAC Mix)”



August 20, 2010

This post is so pretentious.

MP3: Eric Sarmiento – “Alejandra Told Me”
MP3: Radiohead – “Subterranean Homesick Alien”