August 27, 2010

Primary 1 is the musical moniker of Joe Flory, a London-based producer of some fantastic original synthpop, as well as a fair share of quality remixes. He’s collaborated with Nina Persson (of The Cardigans fame) on “The Blues,” which we featured on our latest Cannabliss Mix. I’ve had this gem of a song, “Princess,” sitting in my music library for months, begging to be heard. I finally went back and had a few listens, and realize that I should’ve posted this way back when I got it. So here’s my consolation, y’all can have it now. Check out the patently odd video above.

MP3: Primary 1 – “Princess”


New Grizzly Bear Video – Ready, Able

November 6, 2009

Ah Veckatimest. It’s really the album that just keeps on giving isn’t it? Without a doubt one of the shining highlights of the 2009 music year (and I say this as someone who is currently compiling all her year-end lists), the boys of Grizzly Bear continue to seek out new heights of creepiness with their video for “Ready, Able”.

It’s directed by artist Allison Schulnik and my first thought upon viewing was simply, “YAH, CLAYMATION!” followed by a prompt, “What the…?”

However, if you keep the lyrics in mind, the haunting vision of disappearing interspersed with the desire to create a home, I suppose it sort of makes sense. One character is vanishing into the river, all his tracks erased, while the other is clearly headed home in that spaceship after morphing into someone new.


I don’t really have an explanation for those little green guys though. But you know, whatevs. It’s beautiful and sinister in a totally enthralling way.