August 8, 2010

DJ Bahler is a mash-up DJ from Los Angeles who recently released a mixtape called Mashin’ Pit, which features our favorite band’s repertoire spliced with some of the more recognizable jams in recent memory. While it is entirely possible (and, in my opinion, likely) that DJ Bahler came up with the name of the mix and then put music to it, the results are nonetheless intriguing. Highlights include “Mum Mum Mum Moth,” which deftly balances Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor” with “Moth’s Wings,” tied together with the vocals from Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face.” Also worth listening to is “Potholes on Easy Street” which samples, among other things, Kanye’s “Touch the Sky,” Yelle’s “Ce Jeu,” and, of course, Passion Pit’s “Tons of Guns.” Grab the whole mixtape here, and the aforementioned favorites below. You may not love them, but honestly, I can’t get enough of anything that even remotely involves Passion Pit.

MP3: DJ BAHLER – “Mum Mum Mum Moth (Passion Pit vs. Major Lazer vs. Lady GaGa)”
MP3: DJ BAHLER – “Potholes on Easy Street (Passion Pit vs. Kanye West vs. Yelle)”



Just Keep it Cool Baby, I Don’t Wanna Know

July 7, 2010

I know I’m about, oh, a year and a half late to the U.S. Royalty party, but that’s not going to stop me from posting about a song that I literally cannot get out of my head. I downloaded “Keep it Cool” around the time that it was making it’s rounds on all the taste makers, but for some reason it just sat in my iTunes to rot. I hit up shuffle a few weeks back, and lo and behold, the Bo Flex (Yes Giantess) remix of “Keep it Cool” serenaded my ear drums, at which point I proceeded to listen to it, you know, about twenty times on repeat. The punchy drums, catchy-as-all-hell chorus, and warm synths reminiscent of Passion Pit, come together like Voltron to form my Summer jam of 2010, even if I am a year late.

I am particularly embarrassed because the band is centered in my hometown of D.C., and just played at my favorite venue (U St. Music Hall) and I missed it. For shame.

MP3: US Royalty – “Keep it Cool (Bo Flex Giantess Remix)”


Our Love Was Lost and Hope Was Gone

June 25, 2010

Passion Pit, Temper Trap…what’s next? Happy Hole? Emotional Precipice? Seriously, all incredibly lame jokes aside, both of the aforementioned bands make some pretty solid music nowadays, which we’ve noted on numerous occasions here. The latter group, Australian-bred Temper Trap, gave us “Sweet Disposition,” otherwise known as that song from 500 Days of Summer that everyone listened-to-but-didn’t-know-the-band-and-then-Dirty-South-&-Axwell-made-a-sick-house-music-version-and-it-became-even-more-well-known-song. Well, if you listened to their debut, Conditions, you’d know that they also have that-sweet-song-with-the-handclaps-and-adorable-lyrics. “Love Lost” is that song, and you should grab it below, and pump it listen to it.

MP3: The Temper Trap – “Love Lost”


The More You Change the Less You Feel

June 23, 2010

Passion Pit, you’ve done it again. You’ve contributed another amazing cover, this time for Levi’s Pioneer Sessions project, which “finds the clothier selecting hot artists to cover classic tracks that influenced their music.” No description necessary, just LISTEN TO MORE PASSION PIT. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

MP3: Passion Pit – “Tonight, Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)”


All Things Go – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

June 17, 2010

This post has been a long time coming. As you loyal readers may have noticed, we have upped our posting to healthy levels over the past month, averaging a little over a post a day. Adrian and I have realized that this is our passion, and we really want to make sure we continue to push forward and make ATG better and better. With that in mind, we have decided to overhaul the site, remodeling everything to make it more streamlined and interactive. Basically, we want All Things Go to be taken to the next level. Since this is a music blog, and we value our readers’ insight, we wanted you all to be a part of the process. Tell us what you would like to see. More mixtapes? New color scheme? More dedicated posts? Contests? Concert Reviews? We can’t improve without your insight.

In addition to the remodeling, we will move to our own domain, which we have yet to decide on, but will still work for all you RSS subscribers.

One thing that Adrian and I have discussed is that we wish people would comment more. Without your comments, we don’t know what’s working for all of you, and what isn’t. In addition, comments boost our egos, and help us want to post more. Without it, we feel like people just come, steal the jam, and don’t even read our beautifully crafted pieces posts.

Ok so, with all of that being said, please leave more comments letting us know what you like or don’t like, and PLEASE shoot us an email at telling us what you think we can do to make ATG better.

ALSO, if you aren’t already, please FOLLOW US ON TWITTER.

MP3: Passion Pit – “Better Things”

Zack & Adrian

PS: We may be looking for a few more dedicated writers. It’s not paid (obviously) but it’s a fun experience to share your thoughts on music with an audience in the millions tens of thousands thousands. Send us some writing samples at along with a brief bio if you’re interested.

And My Dreams, It’s Never Quite as it Seems

June 8, 2010

Last Thursday, I luckily got the chance to see two of my favorite bands (and another that I’m beginning to fall in love with) at the 9:30 Club here in Choc. City; Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club (and DOM). More accurately, I should’ve seen DOM, but Pork Slap Pale Ale and Moo Thunder Stout delayed my arrival until part of the way through TPC’s set, missing DOM altogether. The boys from Ontario did not disappoint, playing a nice balance of songs from A Lesson in Crime, Elephant Shell, and their newest effort, Champ (which we discussed here a few days ago). TPC was their typical high-energy self, finishing up with a particularly passionate version of “Nature of the Experiment,” which set the stage nicely for one of the best performances I have seen in a few years.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club – “Wait Up (Boots of Danger) [Passion Pit Remix]”

If you haven’t noticed yet, writing concert reviews is not my forte. I wrestled with the idea of just posting a few photos and a jam for you in lieu of an actual review, but the show put on by Passion Pit last week was so mesmerizing, I had to at least try to put it into words. They played EVERYTHING off both Chunk of Change and Manners, save for “Seaweed Song” and “Cuddle Fuddle” with such infectious vigor that I couldn’t contain myself. In fact, it got passionate (zing!) enough that my main bro Matt’s clothes couldn’t contain him (see epic bro preparing his best Petey Pablo impersonation). I had seen PP last June right after the release of Manners, and, while the show was entertaining, it was clear that the group needed to refine their live sound. Well….they did, in a big way. After lead singer Michael Angelakos informed the raucous crowd that he had heard that D.C. concert-goers didn’t dance, the mob responded with an hour of constant raging the likes of which D.C. hasn’t ever seen.

But wait, there’s more. They returned for an encore, playing “Let Your Love Grow Tall.” Then, the most amazing thing happened. I heard a few chords of what I assumed was a cover, and all of my friends began to look at each other. We all immediately realized that we were about to be blessed with one of the sweetest covers of The Cranberries “Dreams” ever, and that’s meant to be a compliment. The fact that the band had every single dude in the crowd singing “all my life, is changing every day” in falsetto and screaming the chorus of ooohs is a testament to the electric atmosphere running through the club that night. After finishing with a explosive version of “Sleepyhead,” the band waltzed off stage, leaving an adoring crowd in absolute shock. I was a sweaty mess, and I’m pretty sure I still haven’t recovered.

Check out the studio version of their cover of “Dreams” which I only discovered after the show, as well as some sweet pictures of the show after the jump.

MP3: Passion Pit – “Dreams”

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With the Music and the Lights and Everything

May 24, 2010

Tokyo Police Club has always had a soft spot in my heart ever since I heard “Citizens of Tomorrow (Space Ballad)” way back when. The band is set to head out on tour with Passion Pit and then headline with Freelance Whales to promote their newest release, Champ, which drops June 8th (pre-order at their website). In an incredibly unorthodox and legitimately awesome effort to promote Champ, the band is challenging its fans to anything. “Ping pong. Baking. Mario. Nerf guns. Hockey. Unicycling. Catching grapes in your mouth. You name it. When we come to your town on tour we’ll make it happen. This summer, it’s on.” Basically, submit your challenge to the group on their site, and you might win a chance to compete against the band in an event of your choosing (I dibs grape-catching) along with other prizes, including tickets, merch, etc.

This sort of hands-on interactive promotion is refreshing to see, and is another one of the reasons why I love TPC. Grab the Passion Pit remix of “Wait Up (Boots of Danger),” the first single off Champ, and go challenge TPC to something ridiculous.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club – “Wait Up (Boots of Danger) [Passion Pit Remix]”