Speakin of Positions, Just Witness How I Elevate it

June 16, 2010

Simple math:

J. Cole > Drake.

And I like Drake, so, yeah, J. Cole is legit. My friend Jacob would punch me if he read that I was finally on the Cole World bandwagon (good thing he doesn’t read ATG) since he’s been boosting him for almost a year now. Jermain Cole got his first break with a cameo on Jay-Z’s Blueprint III on “A Star is Born,” and his cunning lyricism shined through even then. This top notch flow is much more evident on his more recent leaked tracks, “Who Dat” and “Higher.” I suck at describing hip hop, so just listen for yourselves and get ready for J. Cole on the radio every day from here on out.

MP3: J. Cole – “Who Dat”
MP3: J. Cole – “Higher”

Cole is the first artist signed to Jay-Z’s new Roc Nation record label so, even if his release is lackluster, it’ll still sell a disgusting amount of copies.