October 5, 2010

Join us in welcoming our good friend Gerard Gallucci to the ATG family.  Accomplished diplomat, international peacekeeper, shark wrestler — Mr. Gallucci is all of these things, but most importantly he is a man with an ear for what’s good. Jerry will be writing here from time to time on music that us young folk may have missed out on, if not for our ignorance then by fault of our late births.  So gather ’round kids, it’s time to get educated.

I’m new here. You can consider me a possibly cool geezer – I’m listening to Broken Social Scene, Bon Iver, Freelance Whales and Arcade Fire these days when I am not lost in space-time.  I’ll occasionally pull things from the distant past that may still be a good listen.  First time out, I’ll grab something from the Prog Rock bag – Yes. Yes, Yes.  Quintessentially prog and by some considered a bit heavy, their 1983 release 90125 is anything but.  Cuts “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” “Hold On,” “It Can Happen,” “Changes” and “Leave It” offer great riffs and just fly.  90125 introduced pop guitar and discordancy into their music and brought Yes a reprieve.  But there was no development and while the band continued for another two decades, not much after 90125 is worth the listening.  Now, what they did from 1971-74, that still makes me high. That’s for another day.

MP3: Yes – “Hold On”
MP3: Yes – “Owner of a Lonely Heart”

Love and Peace,