February 29, 2008


Guillemots are awesome. No, not the oddly cute penguin-related birds (though they’re fairly awesome too), but rather the indie-rock outfit from across the pond. Guillemots, first introduced to me by Derek (of GWFAS) about a year and a half ago, set the bar RIDICULOUSLY high with their first song on their From the Cliffs EP, “Trains to Brazil”. Honestly, I could imagine the band just calling it quits after that, knowing that they will never be able to outdo their first song. But, lucky for us, they stayed together, putting out their debut Through the Windowpane, which received excellent reviews (and contained “Trains to Brazil” as well). Then they went and dropped the proverbial bomb on us with their newest single, “Get Over It”. With Beach Boy-esque “woo-woos” and polyrhythmic instrumentals, “Get Over It” sounds like it was written in the 80’s, but performed today by the ultra-talented Guillemots. This song is just way way way too fun to listen to, it should be a crime. Take a listen, and I guarantee you’ll be singing along by the third listen. Also look out for their newest album, Red, which is set to be released on March 24th.

MP3: Guillemots – “Get Over It”