All Things Go Get Active! Mix(tape)

May 29, 2006

In the past All Things Go has brought you so pretty solid mixes. They’ve displayed a wide range of taste and appereciation for different genres of music, and have tickled your ears like few other things can. You’ve now fallen in love, driven, gotten high, and fallen asleep to some pretty awesome stuff. And now I’m going to fuck that up. I have been given the task of coming up with a mix for the audience, I didn’t really know existed, that I appeal to. When given this job I immediately knew what type of mix I would be making. It is now summer, the weather is awesome and it’s becoming harder and harder to sit on a computer all day when I could be out playing and doing physical healthy things. This mix is made up of 14 songs that I think have the momentum and energy to get you pumped, outside, and taking full advantage of all the things these long summer days have to offer. So put on some mesh shorts, grab a water bottle, and get ready to get moving.

The Broadways15 Minutes
What better way to start off a mix about enjoying the outdoors than a song that attacks modern day America? Yeah, there is no better way.

Come on, the first two seconds of drumming should be enough to get you off your feet and working up a sweat.

GunmollSong #2
I really don’t have anything to really say about this song other than I really like it when the instruments cut out and there is yelling.

The Gamma RaysAll You need is a Fix
Local DC/MD/VA pop punk at it’s finest. Listen closely and you might realize there is a message in the lyrics.

FifteenThe End of the Summer
Ok so it’s not the end of the summer yet, but it will be soon and when that day comes this song is going to seem to rock even harder than it all ready does.

Hot Water MusicTrademark
Hot Water Music were awesome. That is all that really needs to be said about them and this song.

The Lawrence ArmsThe Corpse of our Motivations
Not going to lie, half the reason this song is on the mix is because I wanted to have The Lawrence Arms on it. The other half is that I think this song is nothing but pure rock and roll energy until the end.

Remember when Propagndhi played really good punk rock as opposed to that crap on Potemkin City Limits? Those were some good times and this song is proof.

Kid DynamiteBench Warmer
One of my top 10 favorite songs and band. I think it would fairly blasphemous to have a mix that is supposed to encourage activity without Kid Dyanmite.

The Blue MeaniesI’m a Have Not
Another one of my all time favorite songs. This one I’ve always lamely considered a personal manifesto.

Screeching WeaselThis ain’t Hawaii
Screeching Weasel is a boat load of fun in my book. That is all.

Grabass CharlestonsGoatcheese w/Milkdud
That guitar riff is going to be stuck in your for a very very very long time.

New BlackDer Spook
New Black typically writes things a little slower, but when they do choose to rock out they do it in an utmost bizarre and wicked fashion.

Dillinger FourThe Great American Going Out Of Business Sale
Now these guys know a thing or two about getting active. Not only do they play some incredible punk rock, but apparently none of their shows are complete without all of them drunk beyond belief, sweaty, and very naked. How yummy.

That’s it, I hope you all enjoy this mix and the fine weather. I’m gonna go ride a bike!


Defiance, Ohio

May 25, 2006

If you don’t mind, I’d like for us to move away from the typical range of music we tend to focus on and move into something a little less popular (OH NOES! MY CRED). That is right, instead of reading me meander on and on about generic punk or indie rock we are going to dive into the world of folksy/old time rock/blues/that stuff. Right on! In particular I wanted to talk about Defiance, Ohio. No it’s not actually a place, it’s the name of the band. How cool is that?
Defiance, Ohio hails from the Midwest and is pretty much a real nice breath of fresh air in the typical music I listen to. Gone are the cutting electric guitars and over driven drums. Instead, welcome acoustic guitars, a stand-up bass, a violin, a cello, and a relaxing feeling. They make for your perfect lazy afternoon music and have essentially become my new favorite band for the start of the summer. Nothing really beats sitting outside listening to a band where the most intense sound you hear is a harmonica or violin solo and you know it.

Of course there are some draw backs to their music as well. Some times the vocals are less than ideal, and every other one of their songs is a semi-political anthem but even all of this is bearable. But on the plus side, even if the vocals are kind of bad and political they still sound great. I mean how cute/cool is the line “so please the next time your smashing the state don’t go breaking my heart”? What’s more, while it is clear that the men and women of Defiance, Ohio do have a clear liberal stance but they are pretty clever about the way they address their feelings and add their own personal insight into their politics. Look, I’m just recommending you check them out just because every now and then you need to hear something new and different that rocks.

Defiance, Ohio – I Don’t Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You
Defiance, Ohio – Oh, Susquehanna!
Defiance, Ohio – Calling Old Friends


Elan Vital

May 23, 2006

A note: Sorry for the lack of updates on everyone but Zack and Adrian’s part. Personally I’ve been too busy reading comic books and frolicking outdoors and really had forgotten about writing until Zack slapped and yelled at me yesterday. That hurt a lot, and was pretty damn scary. So now I’m back, rejoice for more slanted and biased reviews on my behalf!

Now for some music, I was supposed to write a review for the new Pretty Girls Make Graves CD, Elan Vital, about a month ago and never got around to it. In brief, the record is a departure from the familiar PGMG sound (fast/awesome/indie/dance/rock/who-ha), but the group manages to pull it off and really display just how multitalented they all are. Elan Vital is most noticeably a lot slower than any previous PGMG release, but as a I stated above the fine men and women of the band keep you entertained by showing off just how skilled they all are. However, at the same time this was to their disadvantage in my book because the CD left me really hankering some of their fast beats and crazy ass guitars instead of another 4 minute trancey epic. Despite this let down, Elan Vital is really a one of a kind record this year and I am strongly going to recommend you go buy it if you already haven’t.

God damn, that was half assed.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – The Nocturnal House
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Parade
Pretty Girls Make Graves – The Magic Hour


Themed Thursday: Cars

May 11, 2006

This week’s Themed Thursday is a little bit more open then the previous few. Normally, we only choose songs that have the theme in the title of the song, but this week, we are expanding our horizons. These songs are about driving, but don’t necessarily reflect that in the title. So fasten your seatbelts, start your engines, and prepare yourself for this weeks Themed Thursday: Cars.

Adrian’s Pick: (will be up shortly)

Alex’s Pick: None More BlackWith the Transit Coat on

Ok so I’ve already posted this song, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I was told our theme was cars. With the exception of a drive with Ryan yesterday, this has been the only song I’ve played in my car for the past 4 days. My brother and sister are starting to get a little pissed about it.

Everett’s Pick: Ima RobotBlack Jettas

I chose this song because my car is a Jetta, and even though the lyrics see Alex Ebert bitching about how all his ex-girlfriends drove black Jettas and how they’re so common and blah blah blah, my Jetta is silver so I don’t care. And, I mean, it’s a pretty sweet song.

Austin’s Pick: Bitchin’ Camaro – The Dead Milkmen

The Dead Milkmen are brilliant. I picked Bitchin’ Camaro because not only do they make fun of Def Leppard, but they do some great improv rambling for two minutes before the song actually starts. I love it

Ryan’s Pick: WilcoI’m a Wheel

Enough has been said about Wilco by just about everybody. This song was an obvious pick for me because it actually sounds like you’re driving when you listen to it. It’s also a great song for the spring (and summer’s only a couple weeks away).

Zack’s Pick: The New AmsterdamsAsleep at the Wheel

If you haven’t noticed, I really love any indie band that uses banjoes. My good friend Nicole introduced me to this cd, Worse for the Wear, about two years ago, and I’ve been in love since. This song is short and to the point, and is one of my favorites from Matt Pryor’s other band not named Get Up Kids.

Until next week.

-The All Things Go Team (Austin, Adrian, Ryan, Alex, Everett, Zack)

Samurai Punk Rock Girls! ROAR!!

May 6, 2006

I have a some what serious question/problem. People like punk rock. Let’s be honest, every now and then we all love to hear a song with three chords and pretty simplistic lyrics sung at a fast speed. People also like girls (I’m pretty sure I don’t have to elaborate). So why is it that most people seem to so furiously hate girl punk rock bands (or girl bands in general)? What exactly have women done to merit them such distrust and disgusts when it comes to music that doesn’t fall within the typical women boundaries? Is it that people automatically assume that all women bands are going to try and imitate their male counter parts or just plain suck? Look The Donnas do not speak for every all female band, and not all female fronted punk acts are trying to rip off The Distillers. I agree, those bands are bad, but how come they get to act as a gauge for every other woman in these genres of music? What’s more are we not aware that there are just as many (if not more) crappy all male or male fronted bands as those with females? How is it that a group who are responsible for so many shitty bands gets to so easily pass judgment on a significantly smaller and less exposed group? Seriously this drives me insane.

Yeah, ponder on that for a minute… That was a little off topic, but has long been something that I have wanted to address in a public manner and since I am a coward and wouldn’t say most of this in person I figured the internet was a great place to vent/bitch.

Now onto that music. Incase it wasn’t clear the band I wanted to talk about today is all female and play some mighty fine music (punk rock to be exact). Their name is Akiakane, they hail from Japan, they are self titled samurai punk rock girls (come on, that’s adorable and you know it), and they have got a new CD called Kasumisou coming out next week that is going to rock your face off.
The CD, Kasumisou, is in short, 45 minutes of pure fun. Akiakane have you hooked right from the start and refuse to let go until that last note has completely faded out. The CD starts off with the a fast pop punk ditty called Uncle Sam, that could sound like a thousand other songs except for the fact that the women of Akiakane know just how to dodge the cliche traps of punk rock and put their own spin on things. From there Akiakane kind of down shift gears and slow things down a bit with the bubbly and equally fun song Tepee which features a guitar and bass line that are bound to be stuck in your head for days. The next track is pretty meh in my book as Clover features some pretty yucky yelling, but is quickly made up for with a sweet song called 1945 (guess what it is about) that is longer than most everything else on the CD but still manages to carry that same feel and energy. From there things pretty much set into routine for the rest of the CD as all following tracks are pretty short punk rock “anthem” songs. What I mean by that is you are going to have a hard time not bobbing your head/pumping your fist/shouting lyrics/or doing what ever you typically do when you rock out.
In my book this is a CD with few flaws, but there is one thing that is kind of important to mention. There are a few songs sung entirely in Japanese, and those in English are not always the easiest things in the world to follow. If you are like me, lyrics are usually a pretty big deal when you are listening to a song and I was little annoyed the first time I listened to Kasumisou and could not understand most of what was being said. While this is not an ideal situation, it’s something I’ve gotten used to, and the pure energy and sound of Moe’s voice make up for this short coming in my opinion.
That is all, Kasumisou is available to buy over at Asian Man Records or itunes. If you are not a fan of ordering things off the internet then Kasmuisou will be out in really cool records stores May 9. Take Care!

Akiakane – Uncle Sam [my favorite]
Akiakane – Hanamichi
Akiakane – I’m not Down


Themed Thursday: Animals

May 4, 2006

This week’s theme is quite a doozy. We each had about 30 songs that couldve worked for this theme, but we each had to narrow it down to one, so we bring you only the finest in this week’s Themed Thursday: Animals. Thumbs up, let’s do this.

Austin’s Pick: Austins pick will be up in a few hours.

Alex’s Pick: The Twilight SingersThat’s just how the Bird Sings

I’ve started listening to The Twilight Singers for the same reason I’ve started listening to countless bands: Someone I really admire loves them and so I decided to give them a listen to feel cool. I’ve got to say, mimicking people really has no down sides when you find out about bands like this… Except for that time I bought a Combat Wounded Veteran album. Holy crap that was a bad call.

Ryan’s Pick: Q and not UTen Thousand Animal Calls

Ryan was not available to write this so I (Zack) will write it for him. Ryan loves Q and not U. This song has an animal in it. Tada.

Adrian’s Pick: Test IciclesBoa Vs. Python

It’s a shame these guys broke up, because they had such a promising future. “Boa vs. Python” is one of my favorite songs on their first and only album.

Everett’s Pick: The UnicornsI Was Born (A Unicorn)

Unicorns may not be my favorite mythological beast (which is the same as an animal), but they are definitely one of my favorite bands. My love for the new defunct Unicorns and their offshoot, Islands, is pretty well documented over at Good Weather for Airstrikes, and this is the song that originally sold me on the group.

Zack’s Pick: Minus the BearMonkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!

Minus the Bear is one of my girlfriend’s absolute favorites and for good reason. These guys mix plenty of genres and are, in my opinion, a really unique and creative band. Not only does “Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!” fit the theme, it’s also my favorite MtB track. I don’t have the faintest idea as to why these guys aren’t huge.

We hope you loved the theme this week. Remember, we need more suggestions, so keep ’em coming, and keep reading. Until next week.

-The All Things Go Team (Adrian, Alex, Austin, Everett, Ryan, Zack)

Spring Mixing pt. Alex

April 25, 2006

Well here it is folks, the All Things Go Spring Mix (tape). Each one of us has picked five songs that have something to do with spring for them, or something like. I’m starting this off because I can and haven’t been able to contact Zack this afternoon noon. And… onwards!

So it’s finally spring here in DC. No more crappy weather and the ice cream man will finally come back to my neighborhood. To me spring means a lot of things, but primarily it’s the time when I get rid of my slow sad winter CDs and break out something a little more up beat and active. These songs aren’t particularly up beat or happy, but they have brought grins to my face in springs past and continue to add a spring (pun intended) to my step.

This Bike is a Pipe BombJack Johnson
This weekend I went up to visit Bard College with my dad. The drive there was great, but on the way home it was raining, freezing cold, and we witnessed three accidents. Despite the conditions, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb was on the stereo and neither of us could be happier listening to this blend of fast folk, rockabilly, and punk rock.

The PietastersOut All Night
Once upon a time I really really really liked ska. Now I’m not as crazy/stupid as I once was, but I sure do love The Pietasters. These guys put on a hell of a live show and it hard not dance and enjoy yourself while listening to their music. Alex Fact: The Pietasters are the only band I have seen over five times.

Pretty Girls Make GravesAll Medicated Geniuses
This song has everything I like: a sharp quick guitar, a catchy bass line, a lovely female voice, and maximum rocking. Bewarned this song will be stuck in your head for a long time, it’s been in mine since spring 2004.

MadcapYouth Explosion
I remember two years ago driving out to some obscure part of Pennslyvania, getting my assed handed to me in lacrosse, and then having to endure a long silent, stinky bus ride home. Thankfully this song came up at random on my ipod and I listened to it for the last hour of the ride, making me a Madcap fan and proving that the day wasn’t a total bust.

The Mighty Mightys BosstonesSomeday I suppose
I don’t care what you have to say about The Bosstones being a one hit wonder or shitty 3rd Wave ska band, they were the first band I ever loved and will always hold a special place in my heart. What’s more, their ska-core rocking is totally appropiate this time of year.

All done.

Themed Wednesday: Body Parts

April 19, 2006

This themed thursday is not on a thursday at all. I know you all are saying “But Zack, thats just crazy!” and it is. Crazy as a fox. But this thursday is a special day, and there is a special mix coming that day (tommorow), so get all excited. I’d also like to take this time to mention that Everett, of GWFAS, has been added to the man-stable that is All Things Go, and he will be contributing every week to both the Themed Thursday and any of my (Zack) mixes, much like our collaboration on the Valentine’s Day Mixtape. A formal welcome with a taste of Everett’s music will be coming on Friday, but everyone welcome Everett into the world of mediocrity, laziness, and sheer unintelligence that is All Things Go.

This week our theme is body parts. There must be a mention of body parts in each song title, whether it be limbs or organs. This can go in any direction, so watch out. Themed Wednesday: Body Parts begins now…
Everett’s Pick: Junior SeniorMove Your Feet

If you are in a bad mood and you listen to this song, it will be as if the fog has been lifted and nothing exists in life but pure, unadulterated ecstasy

Alex’s Pick: The PixiesBroken Face

For a long time (until Christmas this year), I had trouble getting into The Pixies. I didn’t really like what I heard, and didn’t see any reason to really look into them further. Then I heard this song, and have been hooked since.

Adrian’s Pick: These Arms are SnakesDrinking from the Necks of the Ones You Love

This band is insane! Really, I can’t find anything else that really sounds like them. Born from the ashes of Botch and Kill Sadie, These Arms are Snakes puts on one of the greatest live shows that I’ve ever seen. It’s like having sex, playing video games, and eating Taco Bell at the same time. Awh yeah. Honorable mention to their other songs, “Your Pearly Whites” and “The Shit Sisters” (I’m not sure if that counts or not).

Ryan’s Pick: The 101er’sKeys to Your Heart (Version 2)

And you thought I couldn’t post anything else involving Joe Strummer! Guess again. This is from his pre-Clash (gasp) band The 101er’s, and was released as a single in the UK after his departure from the band.

Austin’s Pick: InterpolHands Away

This is one of Interpols more epic songs. The faint vocals slowly come to life beneath the heart-wrenching build up, creating a sound that digs deep.

Zack’s Pick: Her Space HolidaySomething To Do With My Hands

This was a hard choice because there are so many body parts songs to do. I went with HSH ’cause they have a really unique sound, and don’t get enough credit throughout the blogosphere. Special mentions to Ted Leo’s “Squeaky Fingers” and The Knife’s “Hearbeats”.

We hope you guys enjoyed our Themed Wednesday this week, and I’m happy to welcome Everett to the All Things Go Team. Until next week…

– The All Things Go Team (Ryan, Alex, Austin, Zack, Everett, Adrian)


April 17, 2006

I had this really long and complicated idea of what I was going to write for this entry. I was going to talk about how Rumbleseat was a side project of Chuck and Chris from Hot Water Music, and I was going to try and show off my knowledge of them. Then I was going to make a beautiful comment about Hot Water Music, and then skillfully switch over to Rumbleseat and talk about how uncommon the two bands are. I was going to mention that Rumbleseat plays a blend of “folk” and “drunk punk” with really raw and strong emotion. I was going to revel little insights about myself in this part about how I am really sensitive or something stupid. I had a really cool and amazing entry all prepared, and it was going to blow your minds.

Then I got home, sat down to write that entry, and was suddenly struck with the revelation that no one actually gave a crap what I wrote. You all just want free music and I am sure aren’t too interested in my three paragraphs beforehand where I try to pass off the idea that I am a decent music writer/reviewer. So I’m just skipping that all this time.

The following three songs are from the now dead Gainesville, Florida folk/punk rock/acoustic trio, Rumbleseat. Honestly, try your hardest not to get into these guys. There is something amazingly genuine and honest in their music, and the sound is one that is bound to get you hooked. They also play some incredible Johnny Cash covers.

Rumbleseat – California Burritos
Rumbleseat – Restless [my favorite]
Rumbleseat – Sea of Heartbreak


P.S. Another person named Alex, said that it is ” necessary for everyone to have their own spring mix. So make one!” Now I don’t know if he was just talking about the people on this blog with good tastes in music, all of us, or the public in general, but the idea of making a spring mix did sound kind of fun. How would you all feel if all of us did that and then posted them and such?

Themed Thursday: Colors

April 13, 2006

So theme for this thursday is a little more abstract. Previously we have done songs to listen to while doing something (singing in the shower, etc.) but this week we are going in a different direction. We each are posting a song, any song, that has a color somewhere in the title. These songs can be completely unrelated, but they share a common theme in that each song is colorful. Also, this theme gave me the excuse to post the above picture. Here are our selections for this week’s Themed Thursday, Colors.

Alex’s Pick: Blonde RedheadPink Love

I love me some Blonde Redhead. Love them vicious. I also love grammatically incorrect sentences. (Note: this song and artist features three colors! bonus points!)

Adrian’s Pick: Q And Not UBlack Plastic Bag

So many choices for this category, but since Q and Not U happens to be in it, they take the prize. This is one of my favorite, more fast-paced songs off of Different Damage.

Austin’s Pick: WilcoRed-Eyed and Blue

This theme thursday was really fun for me. I didnt realize i had somany songs with colors in the title. I choose Red-Eyed and Blue by Wilco, because not only does it have TWO colors in the title, but it is a great song, and Wilco is one of my all time favorite bands. Okkervil River “Black” and “White Plains” by John Vanderslice were close, but Wilco is just too amazing to say no to.

Ryan’s Pick: New BlackRed Bandit

Here’s a band that I have been thinking deserves a little more attention (it isn’t that new but i wanted to post about them). From Chicago, New Black combines bad-assity with attention grabbing music. This isn’t the best song of theirs, but it’s a song with a color in the title.

Zack’s Pick: Jens LekmanBlack Cab

An absolutely incredible song + an underrated musician + the color black = the perfect Themed Thursday choice. This song is going to find it’s way onto an All Things Go Mixtape in the near future, but I thought I’d give those of you who haven’t yet listened to Jens a little taste of greatness. I also seriously considered The Shins “Pink Bullets” and “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1” by the Flaming Lips, but i did that last week, and “Black Cab” is more incredibler.

Yet another stunning edition of Themed Thursday is in the books. Remember folks, we’re taking suggestions for themes, as we are fresh out of ideas. Until next week…

-The All Things Go Team (Austin, Adrian, Zack, Ryan, Alex)