Any time I get a chance to show love to D.C. musicians, I jumps on it. This time, it’s Brenton Duvall of the Potomac Boys Club who, according to his mission statement, desires to deliver “funky jams…sunny days…everyday.” I feel like that’s a train we can all get on. Duvall recently released The PBC Demos, which contains a series of interesting mashups and remixes of recognizable favorites ranging from Aaliyah to Jonsi to Wale. My personal favorite, and without a doubt the mixtape’s standout track, is “Against a Mad World,” a seamless blend of Tupac’s “Me Against the World” and Gary Jules’ cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.” Add in some synths and drums, and you’ve got yourself a whole new jam.

MP3: Brenton Duvall – “Against a Mad World (Gary Jules vs. Tupac)”


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