The Radio Dept. are exactly what you’d expect from a Swedish dream pop band: dreamy, Swedish, and so goddamn talented that you wonder what they’re putting in the water over in Scandinavia. They’ve been around for a while, but didn’t pop up on my radar until I heard “Heaven’s on Fire,” (which we wrote about here) off of their 2010 release Clinging to a Scheme. Now that I’ve given you a little bit of background, I can get to the part where I explain why I’m writing this post.

In 2003, almost three years before the birth of this here blog, the band released their debut album, Lesser Matters, on Labrador Records. I mention this because it gives me an excuse to post “Strange Things Will Happen,” my favorite song off of the album. Honestly, this song tickles every sort of fancy I’ve ever had. It hits the spot. It fills my cup. It gives me a boner. Imagine it as a love child born out of an orgy consisting of Belle & Sebastian at their airy-est, an introspective Rilo Kiley, Seabear, that girl from Amelie, and a fucking angel.

In other words, I like this song.

MP3: The Radio Dept. – “Strange Things Will Happen”



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