I posted about Gold Panda a while back when he released “You,” a blissed-out instrumental jam, and since that time I’ve been anxiously waiting to see which direction the UK producer would go in next. It’s clear that with “Snow & Taxis,” the first single off their debut LP Lucky Shiner, that direction is up. Like, way up. Nothing too complicated here, just a genuinely well-crafted instrumental track with a catchy drum pattern, warm synths, and some nice chimes that tie the song up in a nice little bow. Unwrap it for yourself.

MP3: Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis”

I’m aware that was incredibly cheesy of me. Sorry I’m not sorry.


2 Responses to SNOW + TAXIS

  1. Zack says:

    only late because i had to wait for permission to post a direct link rather than soundcloud. sorry i like to give you music to keep.

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