Up Next to the Bed Where I Saw You

My friend Matt has always had a dream of starting a band called Nature Kids.  The band had planned to release Colors EP and the full length Walking Sounds on the strength of their cult singles “Animal Friend,” followed by their second album, Staying Power, led by “Sneak Breath” and “Earth Tempers,” two groundbreaking and genre-defying tracks. With Matt performing under the stage name Britt Taylor-Taylor, and a backing band of Glen and Le’Nicholas, the trio was set to become a beautiful art house music group without, you know, actually ever playing music.

I bring all of this up because, had Nature Kids ever actually released music, I believe they would’ve sounded something like Geographer. The Bay Area centered group, who recently released the Animal Shapes EP on Tricycle Records, is also a trio, with equally artsy members. “Kites,” the EP’s standout track, comes off as a tad pretentious and maybe a bit ambitious, yet I can’t help feeling uncomfortable with how much I love the song. While it’s no “Animal Friend,” it’ll have to do for now as a summer jam of epic proportions. At least until MGMT or Panda Bear releases some 14-minute long opus about oil spills and empathy towards trees, or something ridiculous like that.

MP3: Geographer – “Kites”


3 Responses to Up Next to the Bed Where I Saw You

  1. B. Taylor (repeat) says:

    Heart Tears came from my being after my eyes wondered this post

  2. Kath says:

    And you were not part of this dream?

    Thanks for the song!

  3. Brett Bryan says:

    Interesting article. I randomly stumbled on your web site while I was doing some work on google. Anyways, just felt the urge to tell you I like your web site and to continue doin what youre doing. Also remember, enjoy the journey, don’t focus so much on the destination. -Brett-

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