Our Love Was Lost and Hope Was Gone

Passion Pit, Temper Trap…what’s next? Happy Hole? Emotional Precipice? Seriously, all incredibly lame jokes aside, both of the aforementioned bands make some pretty solid music nowadays, which we’ve noted on numerous occasions here. The latter group, Australian-bred Temper Trap, gave us “Sweet Disposition,” otherwise known as that song from 500 Days of Summer that everyone listened-to-but-didn’t-know-the-band-and-then-Dirty-South-&-Axwell-made-a-sick-house-music-version-and-it-became-even-more-well-known-song. Well, if you listened to their debut, Conditions, you’d know that they also have that-sweet-song-with-the-handclaps-and-adorable-lyrics. “Love Lost” is that song, and you should grab it below, and pump it listen to it.

MP3: The Temper Trap – “Love Lost”


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