Rules Don’t Stop Me

UPDATE: Probably should have posted their more recent video.  View the shreddage here.

It bugs me that We Are Scientists have found more of a home in the hearts and minds of the Brits than with us good ol’ Yanks (you should be writing ridiculous soccer anthems for us, not them!).  Their music is seriously some of the more catchy stuff I’ve encountered in my entire life, and it has only gotten better with each go-around.  The boys have come a long way since the minimalist days of With Love and Squalor and have built a lot upon their infectious brand of pop-rock with Brain Thrust Mastery and their latest release, Barbara.  I’ve only given the album a couple listens through and the entire thing’s already stuck in my head.  So do me a favor and get hooked if you haven’t already (it also helps that they’re two of the more hilarious people in the business).  Check out “Rules Don’t Stop” below and its video after the jump.

MP3: We Are Scientists – “Rules Don’t Stop”


One Response to Rules Don’t Stop Me

  1. kath says:

    That’s depressing. I even live an hour away from them [an hour from Berkeley]. AHH! IT’S BECAUSE ALL THE CRAPPY MUSIC OUT THERE.

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