But Your Line Around My Neck Keeps Pullin’

It’s been a while since I’ve walked into a concert and come out utterly amazed.  Twas the case with Annuals‘ show at DC9 last weekend, by the end of which my jaw had dropped several times over.  It’s hard to define exactly what I heard given that the North Carolina six-piece’s repertoire pretty much runs the indie gamut, but regardless of whether they were dropping bright pop-rock like “Confessor,” alt-country jams like “Always Do,” or nascent epics like “Brother,” Annuals pulled it off with plenty of panache and cohesion despite barely being able to fit on stage along with their instruments (and that’s saying a lot with two drum sets).  Definitely check these guys out if they’re playing in your neck of the woods, and make sure to grab the quirky calypso jam “Loxtep” (from their latest Sweet Sister EP) as well as the aforementioned set closer “Brother” below.

MP3: Annuals – “Loxtep”
MP3: Annuals – “Brother”



One Response to But Your Line Around My Neck Keeps Pullin’

  1. Frances says:

    The first time I saw Annuals they were the opening band for someone else. Funny thing is, I can’t remember who they opened for…but I do know that since that show, I have made sure to see Annuals every time they come to Boston. I am amazed every time.

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