We Didn’t Realize that We Had Arrived at High Tide

No band has commanded my attention recently more than Tennis, the heart-warming husband and wife duo from Denver that has a pretty sweet back story. According to their label, the band came about after Alaina Moore teased her husband, Patrick Riley, “for playing Tennis in college, which is an elitist rich man’s sport. A year later the two fled their hometown Denver to spend eight months sailing and exploring the North Atlantic coast. During their adventures they began writing music together documenting their experiences.” The experiences result in some of the most charming few songs that are as carefree as they are infectious. Have a listen to “Marathon,” and head over to Hype Machine to grab “South Carolina,” since I couldn’t really decide which one I loved more.

MP3: Tennis – “Marathon”


5 Responses to We Didn’t Realize that We Had Arrived at High Tide

  1. Kath says:

    that’s cute.

  2. Ross says:

    This song reminds me of a more lively, sillier version of the ingrid michaelson song you guys posted, “The Way I Am”

  3. thomas says:

    are you a prophet?

  4. Melora says:

    I love this song..and I have been looking all over for it. Thank you!

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