You and I Both Are Nothing but Thieves

There are few albums I’m looking forward to more this summer than Steel Train’s third, self-titled release.  Not much has been revealed about it so far, but the guys over at MonkeyWhale filmed a stripped-down, intimate performance of one of the record’s songs, “Bullet.”  As I’ve said before, Steel Train’s headed in a whole new direction and they’ll definitely be turning heads once the album drops on June 29th.

If you haven’t yet listened to Steel Train‘s already-released tracks, grab “You And I Undercover” below and check out our previous post on “Turnpike Ghost.”

MP3: Steel Train – “You and I Undercover”

Watch the video for “Bullet” after the jump.


One Response to You and I Both Are Nothing but Thieves

  1. Amy says:

    This was an automatically generated related post on mine and I thought I’d check it out, partially because you used a snippet of the lyrics as your title 🙂 I did the same for when I posted one. Great minds…thinking alike.

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