And I’ll Miss You Like You’re Dead

There is a time and a place to hear any song, whether it be a club banger at 2AM, a blissed-out sun-soaked melody lying by the pool in the summertime, or Bright Eyes in ninth grade. One of my personal favorite times to listen to a good song is on a long drive home with the windows down late at night in the summer (as evidenced by my two Night Drive mixtapes). Pink Ganter, the London and Mannheim based producer/DJ, seems to share my sentiment, since he created one of the better night drive remixes in recent memory with his reworking of William Fitzsimmons’ “So This Is Goodbye.” From the opening guitar riff, which seems comfortable starting off an Explosions in the Sky (night drive legends) song, to the simple bass line that breathes life into an otherwise gloomy track, the songs oozes nostalgia. This is not to say that the song doesn’t work for other moments, but when it popped up on my shuffle on the drive home last night, I felt compelled to pen this post. It’s that perfect.

MP3: William Fitzsimmons – “So This is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)”



2 Responses to And I’ll Miss You Like You’re Dead

  1. Kaori says:

    is it possible to re-up the night drive mixtapes?

  2. […] on the blog circuit for the fantastic remixes of his somber, introspective acoustic tracks. I posted the Pink Ganter remix of his absolutely gorgeous “So This Is Goodbye” about a month […]

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