The True Lover in You

Back in 2007, I was lucky enough to see Daft Punk live in Brooklyn on their Alive tour. After the show, I sort of fell into the belief that I (along with my friend and loyal reader Will) were actually slowly becoming robots. I figured that my conversion, which looked sort of like an Animorphs book cover, was the only way to explain why I loved their music so damn much. My excitement at said transformation was tempered when I discovered that I wasn’t becoming a robot, but rather just really really really liked Daft Punk.

While I admire that the French duo take their time between releases to make them that much sweeter, I am consistently frustrated with a lack of quality substitutes. Some are too grungy, others too simple, others still just plain horrible. Imagine my excitement, then, when the group announced that they were scoring Tron Legacy. If I could pre-order tickets for the film, I would, but it’s a bit early for that.

Then I heard Moullinex, and I calmed down a bit. Granted, it’s unfair to label the Munich-based DJ/Producer as a Daft Punk wannabe or imitator, but damn if “Lover in Me” doesn’t work as a perfect substitute to my favorite bionic neon masterminds. From the awesome tambourine breakdown to the catchy-as-all-hell chorus, the song just screams “I AM AN EPIC MEGAJAM,” so, yeah, it’s big. Have yourself a listen, and grab a bunch of his remixes on his myspace.

MP3: Moullinex – “Lover in Me”


PS: Thanks to DadetoDane for the tip. My boy from Wisconsin is KILLIN’ IT over there.

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