Plug Me in and Flip Some Switches

Let’s make one thing clear: Robyn is not La Roux or Ke$ha. While her robotically-altered crooning may draw some comparisons to arguably the worst singer of our generation, Robyn is, in fact, the shit. The Swedish sexpot cornered the market on hard-nosed, synth-driven robot-pop back in 2005 with her critcally-aclaimed self-titled album. For proof, look no further than her oral resume on said album, titled “Curriculum Vitae,” which declares her, among other things, the “queen of queenbees”, “the world record holder with a high score of two gazillion in Tetris,” and was “listed in section 202 of the United Nations Security Act of 1979 as being too hot to wear tight sweaters on international airspace.” So, yeah, Robyn’s pretty fucking awesome.

Her newest single, “Fembot” (released on iTunes last week), is the next logical step in a career that has seen her move from late-nineties blonde darling (a la Christina Aguilera) to full-fledged superpower. Grab the single below, and check out her collabo with her Norwegian neighbors Royksopp on “The Girl and the Robot.” What an aptly titled track for the Tetris world record holder.

MP3: Robyn – “Fembot”
MP3: Royksopp – “The Girl and the Robot (ft. Robyn)”

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  1. megan says:

    i like this one too :]

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