You Know it’s Gonna Make it that Much Better

Springtime officially hit D.C. last week, with temperatures hitting the low nineties, literally everything blooming (including the Cherry Blossoms), and my nose and eyes itching uncontrollably. After a long winter, the nation’s capital deserves some warm weather, and with that comes a shift in my music listening. Introspective artists like The National and Beirut are replaced in favor of carefree classics from Van Morrison, Free Energy, and The Beach Boys. Speaking of that last group, I recently came across two very entertaining remixes of their iconic songs. The first is a dance-worthy remodeling of “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” courtesy of The Girls Can Hear Us!, and the latter is a Stanton Warriors retake on “Good Vibrations.” These songs are ushering in what seems to be a short Spring and epically long Summer here in D.C.

MP3: The Beach Boys – “Wouldn’t it Be Nice (The Girls Can Hear Us! Remix)”
MP3: The Beach Boys – “Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)”

Also, I know they’ve been blogged to death recently, but Tanlines’ “Real Life” is right up there in terms of epic-Spring-jam-ness. As is another song which I’ll be passing along to you tomorrow.

MP3: Tanlines – “Real Life”


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