[youtube] Pogo – Upular

I’d like to start a feature in which I post some of my favorite youtube finds at the moment, but I know that any sort of feature I start here tends to fall off pretty quickly (see: [202], Mixtape Mondays, etc.). Anyway, I thought I might give it one more go after a friend of mine, Becca, hit me with this gem. The video above is a compilation of clips from Up!, one of the more beautiful movies released in the past few years. The song, put together by Australian DJ Pogo, is a song made up entirely of sound bites and noises from the movie, and the result is a blissed-out ambient jam a la Deep Forest or Enigma (what up early 90s ambient electronica?!) Given how beautiful D.C. has gotten the past few days (mid-80s and sunny until yesterday), this lighthearted and catchy jam is perfectly fitting. Check the video above, and an equally entertaining extended remix below.

MP3: Pogo – “Upular (Rynecologist Helium Rework)”


4 Responses to [youtube] Pogo – Upular

  1. Linds says:


  2. Rebeca says:

    Absolutely amazing!!! Things like this make me get my faith in humankind back. There are some very talented people out there…

  3. neek says:

    bring back that tom dude who used to do mixtapes!

  4. ekko says:

    Hey, dude, would you mind updating the link to my site? I’ve been at http://www.berkeleyplaceblog.com for a long time now.

    Appreciate it!

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