We Are Young and Still Alive

Free Energy is just…well…awesome. Born out of the now-defunct Hockey Night, the Philly-based Tom Petty enthusiasts have jumped to DFA to record Stuck on Nothing, an album that is by no means revolutionary, but unashamed in it’s pure pop-rock-ness.

I’m packing for Acapulco for the next eight days, so excuse me for not going into more detail. Instead just listen to “Hope Child” and “Free Energy.” The former sounds like AC/DC with a happier singer, and the latter is just plain awesome.

MP3: Free Energy – “Hope Child”
MP3: Free Energy – “Free Energy”


One Response to We Are Young and Still Alive

  1. ghoppa says:

    i think that “Hope Child” is the wrong title, the right one should be “Wild Winds”.

    Anyway, great band and great blog!

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