Herd off the Sheep Before They Throw You to the Wolves

I was a bit put off at first by the dirtier side of Person L’s debut full-length, The Positives.  Although I had touted their ability to dance between radically different styles, the louder half of the album got a bit too close to a garage rock-like sound for my tastes (I had had enough of that stuff even back when it was “in”).  At the time I think I had my own ideas for where I hoped the band would go.  Anyways, after continued listening I started to warm up to these grittier tracks.  Good timing on my part.  Person L decided to release “Goodness Gracious” as the album’s first single.  Imagine the energetic, lo-fi feel of Devin Davis after he’s done a bit of drinking.  With that in mind, the above video is only appropriate.

MP3: Person L – “Goodness Gracious”


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