Forget the Horror Here

If I didn’t know anything about the above video before watching it, I would’ve thought it was something by Sigur Ros.  Last thing I would’ve guessed was that it was the latest from Foals, the frenetic dance-rockers responsible for clutch tracks like “Hummer” and “Cassius”.  The Oxford five-piece drop angular guitar riffs for drawn-out build-ups in “Spanish Sahara,” the first track to be released off of the band’s upcoming album, Total Life Forever.  Although it’s hardly what I’d consider the most logical choice for a single, “Spanish Sahara” is a top contender for my favorite song by the band.  The culmination of serene melodies into a cloud-parting breakdown just works out perfectly.  The Antidotes-esque guitarwork thrown in towards the end is a nice touch as well.  The hypnotically-beautiful, Icelandic feel of the video (that’s probably not Iceland but as far as stereotypes go, having perfect landscapes for epic music videos is as good as it gets) is just a cherry on top of all this goodness.  Total Life Forever has definitely moved up a few spots on my list of most anticipated albums of the year.

MP3: Foals – “Spanish Sahara”


2 Responses to Forget the Horror Here

  1. Nice review, lovely song, great video. I’ll certainly be searching out Foals. So thanks for the heads up.

  2. keithbelfast says:

    seriously, what a departure from cassius etc. there’s a nice wee remix doing the rounds as well.

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