You Don’t Have to Live Like That

Steel Train’s come a long way.  Starting out as a somewhat misplaced blend of americana-indie and 70’s-era jam music on Drive Thru Records, Jack Antonoff and co. have evolved into a stronger outfit more in tune with its indie-pop sensibilities.  The band released the breakout Trampoline over two years ago and since then I’ve been hardpressed not to see their name pop up everywhere I look.  Currently on the road opening for Tegan and Sara, Steel Train have released a new song, “Turnpike Ghost,” off of their untitled album which should be coming out sometime in June.  It’s a bit more raw and frantic than what you’ll find on Trampoline, but catchy and fun nonetheless.  And is it just me, or does Antonoff sound a hell of a lot like Win Butler here?

MP3: Steel Train – “Turnpike Ghost”


3 Responses to You Don’t Have to Live Like That

  1. tommy says:

    these guys are pretty cool. I only know Trampoline but I’ll have to check out the new album. My band was able to open for them in Albany, NY about a year and a half ago and their live show is also really fun and exciting. No wonder they’re touring with bigger acts now and playing some major festivals…

  2. Very interesting take on things…I love reading your site. I cant wait until the world cup! Summer 2010 baby!

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