It’s the Way That We Function

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to come across a band that borrows a bit from a bunch of other groups you love.  That seems to be the case with me and Helen Earth Band.  The only reason I gave these guys a listen was because I read that the former drummer for Finch, a band that I was never really crazy about to begin with (except for “Letters For You”, I’ll love that song forever), was at the helm of this project.  I was pleasantly surprised right at the onset of “(We All) Talk With Knives”, the first single off of the band’s debut album, Our Own Ghost City.  There’s something about the way they blend the dream pop of Mew with the subtle prog-rock of Minus the Bear that clicks with me.  Smart and beautiful.

MP3: Helen Earth Band – “(We All) Talk With Knives”



2 Responses to It’s the Way That We Function

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  2. tommy says:

    this is cool! I’ve never heard of these guys.

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