Hold Your Tongue Boy

There are a handful of names you can drop that will bring any scene boy or girl to their knees.  One of these is John Nolan, the former sharp-tongued guitarist/songwriter for Taking Back Sunday and current front man for the less-angsty indie outfit Straylight Run.  Having already proved himself as a man of many genres, Nolan released his first solo album, Height, in October of last year.  If his work with Straylight wasn’t enough of a departure from his emo past for you (after their last full-length, I don’t see how that could be the case), then Height should come as a pleasant surprise.  Although I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s a phenomenal album, Height is definitely a commendable piece of work supported by a number of standout tracks.  My favorite of these by far is the album’s first single, “Til It’s Done to Death”.  Sporting one of the catchiest drum lines I’ve heard in a while, “Til It’s Done…” weds acoustic guitar and bubbly synth lines in the best way possible.  I just got my hands on the album today and I’ve probably played the song twenty times over already.  Enjoy.

MP3: John Nolan – “Til It’s Done to Death”



3 Responses to Hold Your Tongue Boy

  1. […] John Nolan, formerly of Taking Back Sunday and still with Straylight Run released a solo project, Height, last year and apparently it’s not emo. <All Things Go> […]

  2. eskillian says:

    I hadn’t heard about this project. Sounds pretty good. I love Taking Back Sunday and loved them more when they had Nolan. Such is life though. I linked to this blog in a round-up I did.

  3. Nia Fiscella says:

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