Couldn’t You Take the Second Bus Home?

UPDATE: Should have mentioned that there are a few other covers you can download here.  It seems that Forrest has decided to record a few until issues surrounding the release of a new Hellogoodbye album are sorted out.

Hellogoodbye continues to amaze me.  Not long ago I wrote about the band’s latest single, “When We First Met,” a significant departure from their synthy pop-punk past and a large step towards a more accessible, cheery, indie-pop sound.  I for one found this to be quite an unexpected nonetheless welcome change.  Most recently, Forrest Kline and co. have released a cover of the Promise Ring’s “A Picture Postcard.”  I know, right?  I’m not denying that these guys have been fans of the quintessential emo band (not the bad kind) for a while already, but why couldn’t they have been releasing awesome stuff like this before?  Better late than never I suppose.

MP3: Hellogoodbye – “A Picture Postcard” (Promise Ring cover)

Also, don’t forget to check out Hellogoodbye’s Daytrotter sessions.  Back in December the guys recorded renditions of “When We First Met” and “Oh, It Is Love” as well as other songs that are all definitely worth checking out.



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