Odds and Ends

To those of you expecting a Top 20 albums coming from me (which I failed to make last year or the year before), it..IS coming. Soon. Promise.

To those of you hoping for more activity here, that is coming as well. We’ve got a lot on our plates at the moment. Adrian is headed back to the U.K. and I am starting up a new semester here at GW. Regardless, excuses are lame, and we’ll be back and rolling A.S.A.P.

To those of you wondering if I have been keeping up with the cool kids these days, don’t worry. I am still up on it. Expect plenty of delicious gooey musical goodness coming in a very short while.

To those of you hoping that you didn’t waste your time reading this boring post without at least one cool song attached, I got you. Check out “Crysteena” by Mille, the newest artist in the Neon Gold stable. The song is an epic synth jam, building steam throughout (much like a Justice track) but with a much more 80s-centric vibe than Parisian DJ crew music.

MP3: Mille – “Crysteena”



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