Guest Post: Chris Rowe Music Time!!!!?!!11!

Hi from Maine!

Having been an avid ATG follower, I thought maybe I should throw my hat into the guest-post ring.  I’m a 6’1” white kid, attend college in New England, wear vans from time to time, rant about politics, and enjoy listening to music.  Oh, and Zack’s my cousin; people are pretty, pretty jealous.  Oh, so ere’s some tunage:

MP3: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “Home”

The entire self-titled album is complete joy, but “Home” jumps out from the rest of the songs.  It is as if Andrew Bird wrote a Fleetwood Mac song.  From the catchy whistling, the stomping rhythm, to the endearing vocal back and forth – you’ll be screaming Alabama, Arkansas ‘til you find a home of your own.  Trust me!

MP3: The Milkman’s Union – “Emerald Flares”

I couldn’t do a post without giving props to Bowdoin’s very own The Milkman’s Union.  This tune is my personal favorite off of their first album, Roads In, but it only scratches the surface of the depth to this band.  Folksy, country-twanged riffs, with rhythmic surprises layered amongst a driving beat.

MP3: Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – “Meet Me In The Garden”

Mississippi keeps on giving.  This tune is almost a capella, almost barbershop, but then the guitar and violin jump out.  I’d love to know what those jungle noises are in the beginning of this sing-along, and I’d also love to meet this beautiful blonde in the garden.


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