Got No Money

Gorilla vs. Bear posted their “Best Songs of 2009” list earlier this week and Wavves “No Hope Kids” was on both. Looking back on the year, I still dig Wavves and don’t really care about all the bullshit arguments that everyone seemed to get into about this project. I actually like the music BECAUSE it has the super-stoner lazy feel and all in all I think I have ended up feeling rather bad for Nathan Williams; who (while may need to be put into rehab) was obviously ill-equipped to handle that kind of public attention/bashing. Point blank, he’s really a kid. And blah blah “don’t get into this business if you can’t handle it” blah blah blah I KNOW… BUT. I doubt he ever in a million years expected to stir up that kind of public outrage. And if I ever had a chance to chat with him, I’d tell him at the end of the day it’s just a bunch of geeks sitting behind their computer screens arguing semantics who don’t make music of their own. (I’ll include myself in that category as well.)

I hope he sticks with it.

MP3: Wavves – “No Hope Kids”


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