Blisspop Gets Its Blog On

[Photo credit: Dakota Fine, BYT]

If there are two things we here at ATG love, it’s music and DC.  When we get the opportunity to talk about both in a post, you know we’ll take it.  For that reason I’m proud to announce the birth of the Blisspop blog.  For those of you don’t hail from our nation’s capital, Blisspop is the project of DC’s resident/favorite DJ, Will Eastman.  The man hosts dance parties year round in the DC area under the Blisspop banner, bringing along some of his favorite bands and DJ’s along for the ride.  Now that Blisspop’s made a home for itself on the interwebs, you can keep better track of what Mr. Eastman’s up to as well as snag exclusive downloads from other artists that carry the Blisspop spirit.  Below you can check out Classixx’s remix of Yacht’s “Psychic City”, one of the latest features on the new site.

MP3: Yacht – “Psychic City” (Classixx Remix – Fabio Pop Dancefloor Rework)

If you find yourself in the DC area this weekend, then go and check out Blisspop’s next party over at the Black Cat this Saturday, November 28th.  Yes Giantess will be showing some love with their own DJ Set along with Will, so you don’t want to miss it.



2 Responses to Blisspop Gets Its Blog On

  1. mady says:

    You know I went to blisspop in September and like no one was there, we left by 1am and still NOTHING! WTF, how is this thing popular if it’s always that empty? Backstage and it was like 12 people max.

  2. Adrian says:

    Give it another shot. When I went during the summer I had a grand ol’ time. Although I haven’t been in DC the past few months, my friends have said they’ve had a blast the last few times they went. Pictures seem to prove that too.

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