There is a Time When We All Fail

I found this old demo over at The World Forgot a few weeks back, and have been playing it pretty heavily recently, especially given my recent obsession with all things Julian Casablancas. I absolutely adore Phrazes for the Young, but still prefer my Julian in Strokes form, especially on this absolutely stunning demo the band released on their myspace way way back. This stripped down demo, which mimics “You Only Live Once”, reveals the band in their simplest and most vulnerable form. I long for another Strokes album, but until then Julian’s new work, and this beautiful track, will have to do.

MP3: The Strokes – “I’ll Try Anything Once (You Only Live Once Demo)”


3 Responses to There is a Time When We All Fail

  1. Linds says:


  2. luke says:

    saw him at a gig in leeds last night. he plays this live! sounds amazing! possibly the highlight of the gig

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