Despierta, Despierta, No Hay Mas Tiempo

It ain’t no secret that I have quite the fancy for the Rx Bandits.  I’ll spare you my praise for them since I use every opportunity I can here to let you know that they just happen to be the greatest band in the world.  But seeing as I never gave a proper review for their latest album, Mandala (A+, 10/10, smiley face), I figured I would share this little video of them performing “Mientras La Veo Soñar” at one of their recent California shows.  This clip is pretty exemplary of the performance I saw when I caught them earlier this summer during their stop in Baltimore, although I wasn’t fortunate enough to see frontman Matt Embree jam out with Chris Tsagakis on the drums as he does here.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to grab the track below.

MP3: Rx Bandits – “Mientras La Veo Soñar”


3 Responses to Despierta, Despierta, No Hay Mas Tiempo

  1. bedwetter says:

    Top choice. my favorite off of mandala

  2. Pascal says:

    Thanks for posting, I appreciate it!

  3. nolan says:

    you oughta see when steve choi gets on the drums!

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