All Things Go November Mixtape

The time-honored tradition of the All Things Go Mixtape has returned, albeit in a new form. Instead of its themed predecessors, the new ATG mixtape will be released each month and will stay somewhat within a general motif or mood, but will not be constrained by a specific theme.

We kick the new monthly mixtape series off with the November mixtape, which features a cozy combo of memorable bands and warm, fuzzy newcomers. We start off with Little Red, a band I keep thinking I’ve posted about, but really never got around to it. “It’s Alright” sounds like it was birthed out of the early sixties pure, unadulterated soulful pop era. Next up is “Lust For Life” by new indie darlings, Girls, followed by The Dodos “Walking”, which is one of the band’s more perfectly crafted melodies. Justin Vernon delivers the fourth track, “Island, IS” with his new side project, Volcano Choir (which I discussed here). TV on the Radio’s “Crying” clocks in at number five, and was a song that I completely let slip through the cracks until very recently, and the same goes for all of Dear Science,. What a mistake that was.

The second half of the mixtape gets a bit more interesting, starting with Wave Machines’ bouncy “I Go I Go I Go” followed by quite possibly my favorite song on the mixtape, Faded Paper Figures’ “Logos”. I don’t know much about the group (other than that they sound quite a bit like Fujiya & Miyagi, Postal Service, and heaven), but I love what I’ve heard thus far. The National’s “Guest Room” is an absolute classic, and finds its way onto the mixtape as the eighth track. The last two tracks, “Half in Love with Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)” and “Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix)” are a bit more synth-driven than the rest, but I wanted to share with you two of my favorite remixes in the whole wide internetz. As usual, you can grab the mix as a .zip or download each song individually.

.ZIP: All Things Go November Mixtape [mediafire]

MP3: 01: Little Red  – “It’s Alright”
MP3: 02: Girls – “Lust for Life”
MP3: 03: The Dodos – “Walking”
MP3: 04: Volcano Choir – “Island, IS”
MP3: 05: TV on the Radio – “Crying”
MP3: 06: Wave Machines – “I Go I Go I Go”
MP3: 07: Faded Paper Figures – “Logos”
MP3: 08: The National – “Guest Room”
MP3: 09: Mystery Jets – “Half in Love with Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)”
MP3: 10: Fred Falke – “Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix)”

The All Things Go mixtape has returned.


10 Responses to All Things Go November Mixtape

  1. chrisrowe says:


  2. c. bear says:

    really…you like lust for life now?!? i believe i tried to get you to appreciate it back in march and you basically laughed in my face

  3. Archibald Galois says:

    bestest day ever

  4. Linds says:

    thank GAWD Julian is not on this mixtape 😉
    also ddduuuudddeee. credit Collections of Colonies of Bees re: Volcano Choir. Don’t let Justin hog all the spotlight. Those poor guys.

  5. Zack says:

    Yeah yeah, I read the P4k interview as well. Don’t you worry.

  6. Haley says:

    YES!! Monthly mixes…my life is complete!

  7. Kat says:


    And, it’s my birth month 😀

  8. John says:

    Great mix, bunch of bands I haven’t heard of lol. Thanks much.

  9. eneve says:

    coming because of the grizzly bear – two weeks (fred falke mix) but now thinking i’ll just pull the whole thing =) thx!

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