After All That We’ve Been Through


Here is the thing. I am normally a big fan of covers. I really enjoy hearing well-known familiar lyrics in a different light. But ever so often a song comes along and I think to myself, “Not this one. Please don’t mess with this one.”

And with that being said, Solange Knowles please get your hands off Amber Coffman’s vocals immediately.


Look. Naturally “Stillness is the Move” has these great R&B overtones so I understand why an R&B artist would want to jack this and try to make it their own. But to turn a song that is so inherently special and unique and wonderful into something that is so standard and typical and just “maybe okay”? Solange Knowles WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Coffman’s glorious range is the driving force here and let’s face it; Knowles’ voice simply is no match. Essentially, this cover is stripping the song of all its beauty.

And I do have to offer a sincere apology to Solange because I know that she is probably trying to pay reverence to a form of music that she enjoys. I’m not ignoring this fact and I’m super psyched to see artists attempting to cross genres.


I mean, seriously. (Just not this song. Leave this song alone.)  [Ed. Note: The XXplosive sample in the Solange version is, however, totally fucking awesome.]

MP3: Solange Knowles – Stillness is the Move
MP3: Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move



7 Responses to After All That We’ve Been Through

  1. omg says:

    I dunno, I think you’re being a little hard on this cover. Pitchfork (where I assume you ‘borrowed’ this post from) stated that there were no plans to release this officially – it’s just an R&B diva singing a song she loves. Don’t be so judgmental!

  2. Linds says:

    I didn’t “borrow” anything. Pfork posts and expects commentary. It’s what we’re “supposed” to do. and even if it has not been released officially, she sent it to Pfork herself so she knows what will happen.

  3. omg says:

    Meh, cite your sources

  4. Linds says:

    I didn’t claim to DISCOVER this, I was commenting on it.

  5. Linds says:

    none the less, looking back I SHOULD have linked to Pitchfork and apologize for just assuming everyone would know that’s where it was originally posted.

  6. patrick says:

    i used to think aaliyah was untouchable until the gossip covered her.

    “let’s all steal from each other because art is a constant cycle of things being broken and fixed in perpetuity.” – jay-z (not really)

    also, this is a hot cover.

  7. Linds says:

    I think that was Barthes actually not Jay-Z. (not really)

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