I’d Like to Keep It a Secret So I’ve Got Something Left to Give

Update: Hey!  It looks like they have plans to get back together, whenever that may be.  So I guess this is just supposed to tide us over until then.

It’s strange how sometimes you only start caring about things once they’re gone.  I was never a huge fan of The Starting Line while they were around, but after listening to frontman Kenny Vasoli’s latest work with Person L pretty much non-stop recently, I’ve become intrigued by the former pop-punk giant’s past.  As a result, I’ve learned a lot about the band beyond their first single, “Best of Me,” and discovered the goodness that is their last album, Direction (a strong departure from their sugary pop-punk beginnings to a bit more indie-leaning albeit catchy rock sound).  I guess it’s only appropriate that the guys in TSL just posthumously released Somebody’s Gonna Miss Us, a CD/DVD covering the band’s final show and tour.  Although I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of it just yet, I have seen a few clips of it online.  The band talks plenty about their tumultuous relationship with MCA/Geffen, so those of you interested in seeing how bands and major labels interacted in the heyday of pop-punk should definitely give the DVD a spin.  Of course, It’s also worth getting for the music.  The band did a good job of picking out the best songs from their repertoire for their last show.  You can check out their last performance of “Something Left to Give” above (featuring some of the bros from Steel Train and Four Year Strong), as well as the audio for the awesome track off Direction below.

MP3: The Starting Line – “Something Left to Give”



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