Right Now I Could Believe in Anything


I’m not going to lie to you. When I heard the Harlem Shakes broke up, I went through all five stages of grief.

Denial – “IT’S NOT TRUE! Oh wait… it’s on Brooklyn Vegan.”

Anger – “What the… but they JUST released Technicolor Health! I hate them! I’m not listening to any of their solo albums! They are OFF my year-end lists!”

Bargaining – “Well. Maybe they’ll get back together.”

Depression – “I DON’T UNDERSTAND.”

Acceptance – “Hm. I suppose I COULD take one listen to Todd Goldstein’s project ARMS. But just one!”

Now that I have come through the other side of my intense disappointment (Although seriously boys. I wish you could have given each other another chance! Technicolor Health was really outstanding!) I am willing to fully embrace Goldstein’s project.

And I’m quite happy I’ve gotten over it, because… Todd Goldstein is a fairly amazing musician. I loved watching him play on stage (his facial expressions are quite priceless) and his new LP Kids Aflame is real solid. His vocals have sort of a lazy quality about them…. actually, lazy is not really the right word. Perhaps laid-back is better? Look. I’ll level with you. It sounds like he smoked a whole lot of weed right before recording and I absolutely 100% dig it. His lyrics are thoughtful and poetic without the usual sadness that typically accompanies such introspection.

Overall, he might have changed my mind. Instead of missing the Harlem Shakes, I’m now looking forward to seeing ARMS perform live.

MP3: ARMS – “Shitty Little Disco”



2 Responses to Right Now I Could Believe in Anything

  1. tupaitambun says:

    nice posting, bro.. 🙂

  2. Linds says:

    you mean sista right? cause this was my post not Zack’s.

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