Tackle All the Fences in Your Neighbor’s Yard

A recent radio interview with Matt Embree of the infallible Rx Bandits pointed me to one of Dave Davidson’s latest projects, Cast Spells.  You may know Davidson from his main gig, Maps and Atlases, who are known for their unique brand of up-beat, quirky prog rock.  Relatively speaking, Davidson takes a hell-of-a-laid back approach with Cast Spells.  His six-track EP, Bright Works and Baton, forgoes sporadic guitarwork, replacing it with a more cheerful mix of instrumentals.  The new musical context also gives Davidson’s recognizable voice a welcome relaxing quality.  Check out “Potted Plant” below and you’ll see what I mean.

MP3: Cast Spells – “Potted Plant”

Personally, I’ll always be a bigger fan of Maps and Atlases.  Can’t let you walk away without giving ’em a try.

MP3: Maps and Atlases – “Every Place Is a House”


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