I Was Going Through a Change

A while back I posted on Kenny Vasoli’s (ex-The Starting Line) latest project, Person L.  Their debut albumette, Initial, carried a thoughtful, progressive feel that was unlike anything written during the frontman’s pop-punk past.  Now the Philly five-piece are gearing up to release their first full-length album, The Positives, and to celebrate they’ve released it’s first single, “Untitled.”  So far, I’m loving it.  It’s more upbeat than anything from their previous work, but it definitely packs the same punch as Initial‘s closer, “Storms.”  If anything, I’d liken it to an intense Maritime song.  I’m really glad to see that Vasoli and co. are quickly proving themselves with their new work. I’ve got the feeling The Positives will shock plenty of people.

MP3: Person L – “Untitled”


2 Responses to I Was Going Through a Change

  1. V. says:

    That’s a great song!!

  2. […] Line while they were around, but after listening to frontman Kenny Vasoli’s latest work with Person L pretty much non-stop recently, I’ve become intrigued by the former pop-punk giant’s […]

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