Here Comes, a Visible Horizon


If you haven’t heard yet, the boys from Versailles have put together quite an ambitious remix album, entitled….Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection). The album contains remixes by Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart, and other indie darlings, but the standout track thus far has to be the Shuttle (of Passion Pit fame) remix of “Love Like a Sunset”. The song succeeds in its transformation from glowing, airy ballad to danceable house jam without ever sounding forced or losing any of its original beauty. I literally lose my shit at the 1:09 mark, when the powerful synth chords first assault your eardrums, then at the 2:03 mark, when the song boils over into a jam that might make David Guetta blush. Have yourself a listen:

MP3: Phoenix – “Love Like a Sunset (Shuttle Remix)”


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