The Song Said it All to the Sky – New Volcano Choir


Band names are getting pretty damn absurd these days. Not only that, but with all the collabos, side projects, Project Pats, pet projects, projects named after pets, pet rocks, rock bands, and bands of brothers, it’s hard to keep it all straight. Throughout all the chaos, however, Volcano Choir is one band worth keeping a tab on. A side project of Justin Vernon (of ATG-fave Bon Iver fame) that consists of a bunch of talented dudes from the Badger state, Volcano Choir is like Bon Iver meets Sufjan Stevens meets reading a book out on a lake in the North Woods (I’m too tired for clever genre-classification right now). Let’s just say I listened to their debut album while driving late last night, and my discovery of inner peace through the music almost led to a pretty serious accident. Check out “Island, IS” below, and get yourself a copy of Unmap, like, now.

MP3: Volcano Choir – “Island, IS”

3 Responses to The Song Said it All to the Sky – New Volcano Choir

  1. steven john says:

    ❤ Project Pat

  2. […] fourth track, “Island, IS” with his new side project, Volcano Choir (which I discussed here). TV on the Radio’s “Crying” clocks in at number five, and was a song that I […]

  3. Dickson says:

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